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<-----I love You this much----->

Shared by Lynde Gillis

Don't give away your power.

Shared by @mreibstein

Don't let anybody
steal your inner sparkle.

Shared by @sumire0407

Every day, in every way,
I am getting better
and better.

Shared by Erik Mumford

Everything in life is just a season.

Shared by Rachel Caygill

Good news:
The light at the end of the
tunnel isn't a train.

Shared by Lamar Going

If you have to MAKE good,
DO good.

Shared by Pam Eisenberg

Just breathe.

Shared by Kimberly Anderson


Shared by Kristiana White

Nobody ever got anywhere
by standing still.

Shared by Ashley Deibert

Now, it's like this.

Shared by Gina Bradburn

Progress, not perfection.

Shared by Ashley Deibert

The less I seek my source for some
definitive, the closer I am to fine.

Shared by Kate Thompson via Indigo Girls

Think it and you can say it.
Say it and you can do it.

Shared by @alisonblackman

Trust you're stardust.
Trust your stardust.

Shared by Mary Smaagaard

You are safe. You are kind.
You are good. You are not broken.
Your light matters.

Shared by Kelley Angelica

You attract what you are ready for.

Shared by Lauren East Anderson