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Fortune Bar Pendants

$ 165

Fortune Bar Pendants

$ 165

Metal: Sterling Silver

After over two years writing new fortunes every week, we have a pretty good sense of what people like--and don't. So, when we decided to convert our paper fortunes into Fortune Pendants, we engraved them with the fortunes our customers found the most insightful and inspiring. 

Our top 8 fortunes, now available as pendants:

  • Fortune 1: Don't worry what they're doing, baby. Let them worry about you.
  • Fortune 2: What you are seeking is also seeking you.
  • Fortune 3: You simply haven't lived until you've learned to let go.
  • Fortune 4: Let things unfold. Relinquish control.
  • Fortune 5: Never let 'em see you coming.
  • Fortune 6: Make sure to do what you love, not just what you're good at.
  • Fortune 7: If it's supposed to, it will.
  • Fortune 8: Love everything. Everything will love you back.

Dimensions: 2 1/16" x 3/8" (53 mm x 11 mm)

Care Do not wear to sleep or in water. Silver may tarnish with wear or over time. Use a jewelry cloth or dedicated silver cleaner to restore its shine.
Made in NYC Our Fortune Bar Pendants are casted, polished, plated and packaged in New York City.
Shipping Please allow up to 5 business days for shipping although items often ship sooner. Free domestic shipping in the U.S. Overnight and international shipping are available. 

  • Care

    Do not wear in water. Remove before going to sleep. Metal may tarnish with wear or heat. Consider using a jewlery cloth or a dedicated jewelry cleaner to restore its shine.

  • Made in NYC

    All Fortune & Frame pieces are made in New York City by a team of people who consistently give a damn.

  • Shipping

    Please allow up to 5 business days for shipping, although items often ship sooner. Free shipping on U.S. orders of $300 or more

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Fortune Bar Pendants
Metal: Sterling Silver

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