Inspirational Rings
By Fortune & Frame

Our collection of inspirational rings features a variety of dainty jewelry styles, including dangly charm rings that move as you do and our signature inspirational message-holding rings, which we designed so you can keep the words that motivate right at your fingertips.

Our Sphere Secret Ring is like a cocktail ring, except that it opens to reveal a personalized message that’s there to keep you grounded, inspire you or hopeful. You can write your own love note-to-self, add your favorite inspiring quote, or, if you don’t know exactly what the right words are, browse our library of fortunes as part of the checkout experience.

Each dainty ring pays homage to the moments and moods we’ll carry with us forever: Our minimalist Fortune Cookie Rings are a nod to getting the right message at the right time. Our heart and bandaid charms are here to remind the wearer that heartbreak can spark the ultimate journey toward healing; and the Wishbone Charm Ring summons the meaningful ritual of making a wish...and then working hard to make that wish come true.

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