Fortune & Frame Gift Card (Physical)

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Gift Packaging

Whether a gift for yourself or someone else, each of our pieces comes packaged in a custom-designed storybook gift box or booklet.


Do not wear to sleep or in water. Item may tarnish with wear, heat, or direct exposure to perfume. Use a jewelry cloth to restore shine. Avoid liquid cleaners on plated pieces.

As Seen In

If you’re willing to be a tad bit sentimental (sometimes this pays off, guys), Fortune & Frame’s mantra-infused lockets are an excellent choice.


Here are some of our most popular sayings for inspiration. 

You will not determine my story.
I will.

–  Amy Schumer

Stay close to people who feel like sunlight.

–  Xan Oku

With you,
I am home.
Do the thing that scares you most.
If you're not where you want to be,
don't stay there for too long.
Two things you will never have to chase:
True friends and true love.

–  Mandy Hale

Start where you are.
Use what you have.
Do what you can.

–  Arthur Ashe

Be passionate and totally
worth the chaos.
Every day, in every way,
I'm getting better and better.

You’ll be able to write your own or select from our gallery once you’ve chosen your piece.