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Jagged Fortune Locket

$ 295

Jagged Fortune Locket

$ 295

Metal: Rose Vermeil

Of all the pieces in the collection, we learned the most while designing this locket. Like...

You can’t force a thing to work when it’s not supposed to. We spent a year trying to figure out how to make the locket open with a key. While we didn't go down without a fight, we've got a pile of rejected designs that say it just wasn't in the stars.

A thing must reveal itself on its own terms. Once we stopped telling it what we wanted it to be, it revealed what it actually was.

Being vulnerable is hard when you've got a guard up. We built up the jagged fortress, leaving the fortune only barely discernible. We hammered the exterior to give it a more complex texture. And we introduced the spiked edges to make it appear far more threatening than it actually is. Keep out. (But, please, come in.)

Shown in 14K Rose Vermeil (rose gold-plated sterling silver). Comes on a dainty 30" chain.

Care Do not where to sleep or in water. Rose gold may tarnish with wear, heat or direct exposure to perfume. Use a jewelry cloth or dedicated jewelry cleaner to restore its shine.
Made in NYC Our Jagged Fortune Lockets are casted, polished, assembled and packaged in New York City.
Shipping Please allow up to 5 business days for shipping although items often ship sooner. Free domestic shipping in the U.S. Overnight and international shipping are available. 
Engraving Our tagline is subtly engraved on each locket, both as a sign of authenticity and a reminder of something we've suspected all along: YOUR FORTUNE IS WITHIN


Rose Vermeil Cast in sterling silver and then plated with a thick layer of 14K Rose Gold


Intricate Detailing A hammered texture on the outside is met by granular hand-pebbling on the inside. product-descrip-JAG-Rd-detailing-3.png
Fortune Our lockets come with a fortune you choose or write on your own, plus a few extras in a mini fortune envelope.  You can swap out our fortune with one you've been holding onto any time.


Packaging We spent almost two years designing our stacked corrugated cardboard gift boxes so that opening the box is just as much a part of the experience as opening the locket itself. product-descrip-JAG-14R-packaging-2.png

  • Care

    Do not wear in water. Remove before going to sleep. Metal may tarnish with wear or heat. Consider using a jewlery cloth or a dedicated jewelry cleaner to restore its shine.

  • Made in NYC

    All Fortune & Frame pieces are made in New York City by a team of people who consistently give a damn.

  • Shipping

    Please allow up to 5 business days for shipping, although items often ship sooner. Free shipping on U.S. orders of $300 or more

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Jagged Fortune Locket
Metal: 14K Rose Vermeil

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