Jewelry Jewelry PICTURED From top to bottom: Mini Fortune Cookie Petite Fortune Cookie Fortune Cookie Locket (All shown in Silver)
Jewelry Jewelry PICTURED From top to bottom: On the Mend Bandage Chain Antiqued Broken Wishbone Jagged Fortune-Holding Locket (All shown in brass)
Jewelry Jewelry PICTURED: On the Mend Bandage Pendants (Vertical) On the Mend Bandage Bracelets (Both are available in various metals.)
Jewelry Jewelry PICTURED: Classic Fortune-Holding Locket (Shown in Brass)
Jewelry Jewelry PICTURED From left, clockwise: Broken Wishbones in 10K Gold // Shiny Silver-Dipped // Shiny Red Brass // Antiqued
Jewelry Jewelry PICTURED: The Healing Eye Pendant in 14K Rose Gold. Also available in antiqued brass, gold and silver