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Sacred objects that people look to for protection, guidance, faith, and everyday inspiration.

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Inspirational Jewelry Symbols

The meaning of each inspirational symbol depends entirely on the symbol, its historical meaning and origin – and importantly – what the emblem brings to each individual who resonates with it.

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Inspirational jewelry symbols allow the wearer to hold the most inspirational emblems close, everyday. Symbolic jewelry acts as a physical reminder of a state of being, a moment or a feeling that we want to hold onto or achieve.

What is symbolic jewelry?

Symbolic jewelry is jewelry that is designed to represent or symbolize something of importance or meaning to the wearer. Symbolic pendants can include items or emblems that represent a certain belief or value system, commemorate a special event or person, or simply be aesthetically pleasing.

Types of Jewely Symbols

Jewelry is always meaningful or symbolic. When gifted, jewelry is one of the most special ways to share affections for the wearer. Through the gift of jewelry you can typically share your appreciation for another person or your love for them. Equally, inspirational jewelry can even be gifted to self as a token of self-love, or as a reminder of moments, moods or a deeper, symbolic meaning for your life. When you want to gift jewelry to yourself or someone else you can choose a jewelry piece purely on the way it looks or you can dig deeper into the meaning behind inspirational symbol jewelry and gift a symbolic pendant that carries a lot of meaning.

Evil Eye Jewelry

Evil eye jewelry is representative of protection. The meaning behind the evil eye is enriched deep in history. Evil eye jewelry is traditionally worn as a way to protect yourself from the evil eye and to bring good luck. Within this collection you will find our evil eye necklaces, evil eye bracelets and evil eye rings.

Can you give an evil eye as a gift?

Absolutely! It’s perfectly acceptable to buy the evil eye bracelet as a gift for someone else, or for yourself. As a historic symbol of protection the evil eye is the perfect gift for a loved one.

Star Jewelry

The star is a symbol that we can all recognize. The star is thought to represent direction, balance and harmony. Our Star Align jewelry are meaningful necklaces that hold a message. The deco-inspired star necklace pendant opens to reveal a secret message. The star pendant is representative of relaxing and letting your stars align.

Key Jewelry

The key is another symbol that is recognizable to most people. The key itself is a popular symbol, gifted to young adults as they approach 21. The meaning behind the key is representative of freedom, the opening and doors of opportunities. For many, keys are inspirational and symbolic jewelry pieces, representative of hope, opportunity, and new beginnings. Key jewelry is also said to be a reminder to the wearer to stay positive and keep moving forward in life. We think of our key necklaces and dainty key bracelets as a symbol of letting go, and the doors that open once you do.

How to Wear Key Jewelry

Key jewelry can be styled individually or you can stack necklaces and bracelets. We have two sized key jewelry which are perfect for stacking. Wear alarger key necklace pendant next to the smaller key pendant necklace. Also, you could try stacking bracelets for a cool vibe! Our dainty key string bracelts come in green, black and grey.

wishbone jewelry

The wishbone is a type of inspirational symbolic jewelry that is said to represent good luck and fortune. It is also said to be a reminder to stay positive and hopeful, and to never give up on your dreams. We think of our wishbone jewelry as a reminder that you don't have to sit around and hope. You can do the work and make things happen for yourself. Our gold wishbone charms are slightly textured for depth, and embellished with crystal enamel. This capsule collection includes mismatched wishbone earrings, a wishbone pendant necklace and a wishbone ring. Also, colorful wishbone dainty bracelets in pink, grey and black.

Symbolic Bracelets

Bracelets are inspirational and symbolic. Bracelet gifts are deeply meaningful when bought for self or for someone else. Bracelets have also been symbolic of friendships for centuries. When inspirational symbols are added to bracelts the meaning can change entirely. Not only is the bracelet worn as a decorative piece of jewelry it becomes a symbol for something bigger: a feeling or a moment that the wearer wants to remember or keep close.

Symbolic Necklaces

Similarly to bracelets, necklaces don’t need an emblem or pendant to be deeply meaningful. But necklaces with symbols are often worn as a reminder to the wearer of certain feelings, goals or maybe as a sign of protection.

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