A collection of custom lockets, including fortune lockets, book lockets, book necklaces and capsule jewelry lockets that hold personalized quotes and sayings.

Personalized Fortune Lockets

We've made it our mission to design the only lockets in the world that recognize that the words that inspire you change just as often as you do.

What started as way for people to wear and protect their fortunes has evolved into a way to honor the defining landmarks along their life journey.

Each personalized locket comes with a custom message you can write yourself or select from our gallery of hundreds of famous quotes, inspiring sayings and personal affirmations.

Instead of keeping you stuck in a single moment, our custom lockets let you change your messages with each new moment or mood.

Our engraved locket designs contain an intricate Chinese wave design on the inside and the words YOUR FORTUNE IS WITHIN etched delicately into the side, reminding you of what we’ve suspected all along: you have everything you need to design and live the life you want.

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