Fortune & Frame is a New York City-based jewelry line known for its handcrafted fortune lockets, fortune cookies and other inspired pieces.

Founded by designer Gretel Going, the original concept came about in 2011 when she came across an insightful fortune, shoved it behind a refrigerator magnet, and forgot about it. When the fortune kept falling on the floor, an idea was born. The resulting line relies on jewelry and accessories to bridge the gap between the value people place on fortunes and the lack of dedicated places to keep them.

Each collection introduces a new theme and narrative that unfolds through a series of lockets, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and other pieces.

F+F Signature is Fortune & Frame in its purest form. The collection contains our fortune cookies, which have become synonymous with the line, and engraved fortune pendants that immortalize the messages that have most inspired those who follow us.

On the Mend summons all things rustic, broken, and put back together again. Its heavy use of bandages, broken edges, and jagged and hammered textures is a nod to the harsh and solitary aspects of getting-better.

All signature fortune-holding and fortune cookie pieces come with an original fortune. Written by Going, the fortunes shy away from the prophetic and arbitrarily optimistic, and instead focus on the intersection of hardship and light at the end of the tunnel.

Each piece in the Fortune & Frame line—from idea to sketch, wax to mold, casting, assembly, and finish—is handcrafted in Manhattan by a team of people who consistently give a damn.