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Thoughtfulness comes standard

Carry your most sacred thoughts or give the words that someone else needs to hear.

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Pretty on the outside

Deep thoughts on the inside.

Secret Sphere Ring

Inspirational messages, meet intriguing keepsakes

Born of the belief that the messages people are compelled to hold onto are milestones and guideposts in their personal narratives.

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Maximize the Minimal

View our collection of mini pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings. All under $50.

Fortune Cookie String Bracelets (Burgundy)

14K Gold-Plated Silver

$ 28

A super mini fortune cookie on a soft and adjustable chord.

Super Mini Fortune Cookie

Gold-Dipped Silver

$ 38

This tiny fortune cookie pendant is perfect for minimalists and young fortune cookie fans.

Fortune Cookie Bracelet

14K Gold-Plated Silver

$ 38

A playful alternative to your other tennis bracelets and perfect for stacking.

Resolution Keeper

Sphere + Wand Locket

$ 138

Our Sphere + Wand Locket and matching ring open and close to reveal your visions for the year. Engraved inside with our intricate wave design, this locket holds your boldest thoughts, rolled into a perfect scroll.

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Sphere Secret Ring

14K Gold-Plated Silver

$ 98

Looks like a sophisticated cocktail ring, but opens to reveal a meaningful message, rolled into a secret scroll.

These lockets are a beautiful way to send a message. Choose from 300 sayings, from a simple “I love you” to an inspiring “let yourself dream again.”

“If you’re willing to be a tad bit sentimental (sometimes this pays off, guys), Fortune & Frame’s mantra-infused lockets are an excellent choice.”

“Each handcrafted Fortune & Frame locket contains a meaningful verse of your choosing, leaving nothing to chance when it comes to good karma.”

“These lockets are a beautiful way to send a message. Choose from 300 sayings, from a simple “I love you” to an inspiring “let yourself dream again.””

“One of the most unique pieces of jewelry we’ve ever found. Fortune & Frame has created a collection of modern jewelry that holds the messages closest to your heart.”

“Once you take one look at these precious pendants you won’t be able to stop daydreaming about them.”

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