Hi mom ♡ thinking about you all year round

Put into words how much she's influenced you with a keepsake she can wear all year long.

Mother's Day Jewelry

Meaningful Messages, meet Thoughtful Keepsakes

Carry your most sacred thoughts or give someone else the words they need to hear.

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Change your narrative

If you want to change the world, you need to change your story.

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Maximize the Minimal

View our collection of mini pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings. All under $50.

Mini Fortune Bracelet: "Dare big. Fear small."

14K Gold-Dipped Silver

$ 48

A reminder to navigate the world in pursuit of your greatest potential.

Super Mini Fortune Cookie

Gold-Dipped Silver

$ 38

This tiny fortune cookie pendant is perfect for minimalists and young fortune cookie fans.

Fortune Cookie String Bracelets (Burgundy)

14K Gold-Plated Silver

$ 28

A super mini fortune cookie on a soft and adjustable chord.

Where it all began

Fortune Cookie Locket (Medium)

$ 138

Our fortune cookie lockets hold and protect the messages that speak to you right now. This entire collection is a nod to the words that are put in your path precisely when you need them.

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These lockets are a beautiful way to send a message. Choose from 300 sayings, from a simple “I love you” to an inspiring “let yourself dream again.”

“If you’re willing to be a tad bit sentimental (sometimes this pays off, guys), Fortune & Frame’s mantra-infused lockets are an excellent choice.”

“Each handcrafted Fortune & Frame locket contains a meaningful verse of your choosing, leaving nothing to chance when it comes to good karma.”

“These lockets are a beautiful way to send a message. Choose from 300 sayings, from a simple “I love you” to an inspiring “let yourself dream again.””

“One of the most unique pieces of jewelry we’ve ever found. Fortune & Frame has created a collection of modern jewelry that holds the messages closest to your heart.”

“Once you take one look at these precious pendants you won’t be able to stop daydreaming about them.”


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