Questions & Answers

Shipping & Delivery

How soon after ordering will my item(s) ship?

We usually ship within a day of receiving your order, but please allow between 2 - 5 days for delivery. 

What shipping methods are available?

We offer free shipping on all domestic U.S. orders and ship via USPS priority mail. Overnight shipping via USPS is also available. We ship most international orders via USPS. If you live in a region that has limited postage options and prefer we use a carrier like DHL, FedEx or UPS, please write to let us know: orders@fortuneandframe.com

Do you have an overnight/next-day shipping option?

Yes, we ship next-day via USPS. Depending on your location and the time the delivery is picked up, overnight shipments can take two days.

If I select next-day shipping, will my order ship the same day?

If you place your order before 12:00 EST, we will do our best to ship it out the same or next day. For personalized engravings, we still need to factor in production time before shipping. We will expedite as much as possible on our end and your order will arrive the day after we ship it.

I'm located in NYC. Can I stop in and pick up my order?

We love to meet our customers in person and will accommodate this as often as we can. We can alternatively work with you to arrange a messenger who will hand deliver your order to you the same day. Please email us at orders@fortuneandframe.com for details.

Gift Orders

I'm buying a gift. Can I ship directly to the person I'm buying for?

Yes! When you're on any product page, you'll see a little box that says "This is a gift." Just check that box, and you'll get a pop-up where you can add the recipient's mailing address, as well as an option to add a blank or customized gift note, free of charge.

Do you offer gift wrapping?

We don't offer gift wrapping because our packaging is already gift-worthy! Each of our pieces comes packaged in a custom-designed storybook gift box. If the piece you're gifting comes with a fortune, we'll include a duplicate fortune and a blank fortune in a mini fortune envelope within the box. We also offer custom or blank gift notes, free of charge. To see our gift options, just click the box that says "This is a gift" when you're on any product page.


What are the dimensions of Fortune & Frame's fortunes?

Our fortunes measure 2.20" x 0.45".

Can I use a fortune from a fortune cookie in your pieces or do I have to use one from your site?

Yes, you can switch out our fortune with one you've been holding onto any time and as often as you like.

What is the standard size of a fortune?

We get this question a lot, so we wrote a long blog post about it here. The short answer is that there is no one standard fortune size. Our fortunes measure 2.20 x 0.45", which is one of the handful of sizes you can get in a fortune cookie. The good news is that most fortunes contain a lot of extra white space, so if the one you have is too wide or long for our pieces, you can gently fold or trim it to fit.

Can I order extra fortunes for my locket or frame?

Yes, you can! We've made it so that you can create your own pack of any 5 messages. Just visit this page to create a mix-and-match assortment of your own favorite quotes and sayings from our fortune gallery. Want to completely personalize your own pack of fortunes? You can do that, too! 

How many fortunes can I fit in my locket?

This depends on the piece. Our Fortune Lockets can generally hold up to three fortunes comfortably. Our medium Fortune Cookie Locket only holds one rolled-up fortune, while our large Fortune Cookie Locket can hold two. Our Fortune Capsule pieces all hold only one rolled-up fortune, except for the Heart + Arrow Locket and Bracelet, which can each hold two.

Who writes the fortunes on your site?

Our fortunes are a mix of original messages written by Fortune & Frame's founder Gretel Going, thoughts shared by our customers, and famous quotes that do a good job of expressing the right sentiments in a range of pivotal life moments. Our fortune gallery contains at least 200 fortunes that were adapted from notes-to-self Gretel wrote during the two-year journey leading up to the launch of Fortune & Frame. 

Will my fortune become damaged during wear?

As long as you don't wear our fortune lockets or fortune-holding jewelry in water, the fortune should remain unharmed and in its original condition. Our fortune lockets all have a glass window that protects the fortune, and our fortune capsules and fortune cookies are air tight while shut.


I'd like a piece in a metal you don't offer. Can I special order a piece in a different metal?

Yes, we can often cast pieces in most available metals, including White Gold, Platinum, 18K and 24K gold, and so forth, upon request.

For special metal requests, please email orders@fortuneandframe.com to discuss your metal preference and pricing. Please note: All special orders are considered final and non-refundable.

Will the plating wear off over time? 

Our plated silver and brass pieces are very heavily coated and do not fade easily. Our plated necklaces will stand the test of time with proper care. Don't wear in the water or spray perfume on them directly. We recommend removing plated rings while washing your hands to preserve plating.

Will the plated brass pieces tarnish or turn my skin green? 

Because our pieces are so heavily plated, they don't easily tarnish and they offer a layer of protection between your skin and the brass. Our long fortune lockets usually don't make direct contact with your skin, unless worn double wrapped.  If you know you will be out in extremely salty air or exposed to salt water, we recommend storing your plated brass pieces in a dry place.

Some people have strong reactions to brass, while others have no reaction at all. If you are susceptible to these reactions, we suggest purchasing sterling silver or plated silver jewelry. 

What is vermeil? 

Vermeil is 14K Gold-plated sterling silver. In order for a piece to be considered vermeil, the plating must be 2.5 microns (250 mils) thick. As a point of comparison, standard flash plating is about 0.4 microns (40 mils) thick and wears off more quickly. 

Jewelry Care

My silver jewelry isn't as shiny as when I first purchased it. What can I do?

Silver naturally tarnishes and can temporarily lose its luster over time, but it's very easy to clean. You can either use a dedicated jewelry cloth or silver jewelry cleaner to restore its shine.

The plating is wearing off of my piece. What can I do?

Though we use a very thick layer of plating, pieces that are in direct contact with your skin (such as rings or shorter necklaces) will be susceptible to wear quicker than those that are not. Should the plating on your piece begin to wear, you can have it re-plated by a local jeweler or we can have it done for you at cost, plus the price of shipping.

Please email us at orders@fortuneandframe.com for details.

Returns & Exchanges

How do I return or exchange an item?

Please follow the return or exchange process on our Returns & Exchanges page.

How long do I have to return an item?

We accept returns for unworn jewelry, in its original condition, within 15 days of receipt date. Item(s) returned within 15 days will be refunded either in the form of the original payment or as a store credit.

Products returned between 16 and 30 days of receipt date will receive a credit to our online store.  

Fortune & Frame reserves the right to deny a return request if the returned item is determined to have been damaged or worn by the customer.

May I exchange my purchase?

Yes. You may exchange an unworn item, in its original condition, within 30 days of receipt and apply its value toward the purchase of another. Should you exchange it for an item of lesser value, the difference will be returned to you via store credit. Should you exchange it for something of greater value, you will be expected to pay the difference at the time of exchange.

Please follow the instructions on our Returns & Exchanges page to process your exchange.

I received an item as a gift. May I return it?

Yes, there are two ways to go about this.

1) If you have the original order number and email address associated with the order, simply use our Returns & Exchanges process.

2) If you do not have the email address used to place the original order and/or order number, please email us orders@fortuneandframe.com with the name of the original purchaser and the item name/description.

All returns, including gift returns, are subject to our returns and exchange policies, as described above.

I purchased an item somewhere else. Can I return it here?

Our return policy is limited to items purchased from our online store. If you purchased Fortune & Frame products from QVC, a retail store, boutique or online retailer, please defer to their return policy and complete your return via the place of original purchase.

How long will it take me to receive my refund, store credit or exchanged item? 

Once we have received the returned item and verified that it's eligible for return, we will issue your refund or store credit within 5 business days. Exchanged items will be shipped within 2 business days of return of the original item. 


Can I send in a piece I purchased for repair?

For all repair inquiries, please email orders@fortuneandframe.com. Please include your name, description, photo of the damage, and proof of purchase.

If we are able to repair your piece, we will send you shipping instructions. Repairs take 1 – 2 weeks to complete. All repairs are subject to shipping charges. We reserve the right to deny unreasonable repairs, returns, and exchanges.

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