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Finding your fortunes…

Consistently put yourself in
situations that reveal what
you're made of.


Everything you do
is your life's work.

Putting your self fully into what
you do is a form of love.

Be really great at what you're good at.
Leave the rest to people who are
really great at what you're not.

Trust yourself enough to say no
when something's not right and
yes when it most definitely is.

Set out to do something.
Work really hard. Achieve an
outcome that reflects what
you did to get there.

Say yes, then figure it out.

One day you’ll look back at right
now and say, "If I got through that,
I can get through anything." And
that will truly be a gift.

When the entire world is going through
the exact same thing you are...
Suddenly, you're not alone.

Then one day you woke up
and it was bright outside.
And light inside.

Do what you love.
The rest will fall into place.

Follow your heart.
See what turns up.

Speak good things about yourself
into existence.

Embrace a new narrative.

Get lost in the right direction.

Decide for yourself who you are.
No one else gets to make that
decision for you.

Follow what calls you.

Be humble and proud of yourself
at the same time.

Stop saying yes to things
you don't want to do.

You can't do everything by yourself.
It's okay to ask for help.

Fear will always be a thing.
But don't let it get in your way.

Make self-care a non-negotiable.

Evolve as a human.

Change comes from embracing the future,
not fighting your past.

Decisions don't determine right
and wrong. They determine outcomes.

Recognize yourself in others.

What's good for you brings out the
best in you. What's bad for you doesn't.

The only person who has to
believe in you is you.

Self Acceptance > Self Improvement

Trust the wait.
Enjoy not knowing.

Set yourself up to
experience what you love.

Turn your life upside down.
On purpose.

If you want to grow,
you have to be willing to learn.

There are no rules.

Let go and let the
universe do its thing.

You don't have to be small
for someone else to be BIG.

Be kind to other human beings.

Learn to be right in a way that doesn't
rely on someone else to be wrong.

It's not your job to fix people.

Whatever you can do, you must do.

Don't let anyone forever preserve
you in a place in life that you
were simply passing through.

It's better to wait for the right
answer than rush into the wrong one.

If the thing you're focusing on
makes you unhappy, focus on
something else.

Give yourself a chance to see what
happens when you don't give up.

Everything's gonna be cool.


Good instincts are worthless
if you don't follow them.

Love bad things from
a good distance.

Change the way you look at things.
They'll return the favor.

Do the thing.

Edit your life.

Somewhere beneath all those
distracting details is the
best version of you.

Make people see you.

Accept all experiences as
potentially good.

Don't focus on the tributary
when you need to focus on the lake.

Be easily awed,
not easily impressed.

Protect your heart by
acknowledging what it's feeling.

Don't make a wish.
Make a decision.

Do things on purpose.

Do the thing that scares you most.

Everyone you'll ever meet is smarter
about something than you are.

Be less moved by
the opinion of others.

You can't fail if you're willing to.

Adjust your eyes.
See the same things differently.

Some things are just too
heavy to haul around.

The first thing you should know
about me is that I'm not you. A lot
more will make sense after that.

Heighten your vibes.
Lighten your strides.

Be unwilling to lie to yourself.

Everything and everyone
is your teacher.

Love yourself hard.

It's time for a good ol' fashioned

Follow what you love and
see what turns up.

You will know it when you see it.
it will know you when it sees you.

I am resilient.

I don't care how smart, rich,
attractive or powerful you are.
Just be kind and we'll be good.

Your instincts know things
before you do. Trust them.

Note from the future:
I'm not intimidated by your past.

Listen for the whispers.
Look for the signs.

Take nothing personally.

It's good to be prepared,
but stay open to surprises.

Win your mind.
Win your life.

Tune into the love frequency.
Tune out everything else.

Tap into your magic.

Love what you do so it will love you.

Practice not-so-random
acts of discipline.

Hurry up and fail so you can win.

Don't write off good advice from
people who have had bad experiences.

Mad is easier than sad,
but it's far less effective.

When you love yourself,
people who don't love you
back become less interesting.

If you're not where you want to be,
don't stay there for too long.

Sit around and wait for happiness to
find you. Just kidding. Get up and
fight for it for dear life.

Don't take credit for your talents.
Take credit for how you use them.

Unlearn everything that you aren't.
Relearn everything that you are.

Everything that is
was first a dream.

Being a strong woman used to mean
you could put up with a lot without
breaking. Now it means you can put up
with a lot, but aren't willing to.

My superpower is showing up
and working really hard.

It's your duty to dream.

Be the ____________ you
want to see in the world.

Keep your next move quiet.

Caring what other people think about
you isn't a weakness. It's accepting it
as fact that gets you in trouble.

Free spirits don't ask
for permission.

Be a product of your decisions,
not your circumstances.

Go after what you want or
be happy with what you get.

Let people discover you
over time.

Design the version of yourself
you want to be. Then be it.

Seek adventure.

Go out and kick
some serious ass.

Slay hard.
Stay soft.

Being patient is less about waiting
things out until you get your way, and
more about being tolerant of what is.

Stop trying to skip the struggle.
You don't get to start at the
part where you're winning.

You're intoxicating when
you do what you love.

Stay focused.

Be passionate and totally
worth the chaos.

You will see it when you believe it.

Be slow to respond,
not quick to react.

Because your comfort zone
isn't even comfortable.

Don't make it look easy.
The fact is it's really hard
and you're doing it anyway.

Dare BIG.
Fear small.

No matter what you do today,
absolutely kill it.

Pay attention to where your
mind wanders when you
allow it to wonder.

Flow with things rather than
insist they flow with you.

Let there be no confusion:
Things are unfolding exactly
as they should.

Do what people say you can't,
just because you can.

Let yourself dream again.

Enter unknown territory.

Don't be in a hurry in the short
term for things you want to last
for the long term.

Let the difference between where
you are and where you want to
be inspire you.

You should def go for it.

Unbecome everything that isn't you.
Become everything that is.

Take no for an answer.

Nature is self-correcting.
Let it do its thing.

Switch your frequency.

Do what you love.
The rest will fall into place.

Pay attention to the patterns.

Make less time for life's garbage.

Don't be scared of stuff.

To be found: stop hiding.

Master your worries.

That point where you are about to give
up but decide not to and everything
starts falling into place.

Be real with yourself or you
can't be real with anyone else.

The middle of the process is no
place to determine the end of it.

Being right all of the time is boring.

Pretend it's your first time.

Do. Chill. Do again.

Focus on the magic of
things; yourself.

Brand new ancient proverb:
Be warm inside even when the
temperature outside is cold.

Make mistake. Repeat.
Make mistake. Repeat.
Make mistake. Do something different.

More money only solves the less
money problem. Nothing else.

Get your hopes up.

Things don't always go the way
you planned. fortunately.

Make the invisible visible.

Follow your hunches.
explore your doubts.

Give to give. Not to get.

Go with what feels right even if
it ends up being wrong.

Love everything.
everything will love you back.

Learn to say "I don't know" and
inherit the knowledge of the world.

Sweat the small stuff.
The small stuff is the big stuff.

Act with purpose.

Consistency is the key to mastery.

The quiet speaks volumes.

Don't take the bait.

Be quiet. Hear more.

Look for proof that you're amazing.

Don't be loyal to what's
not loyal to you.

When you make a decision,
you commit to its journey.

You know what to do.

The only way to get there
is to decide to.

If it's supposed to, it will.

Treat yourself as well
as you treat others

Do first. Talk second.

The more you trust yourself the more
you'll be able to trust others.

Just because you love something
doesn't make it right for you.

Just show up.

The truth is not confusing.

Don't do other people's parts.
Just do your own.

Make sure to do what you love,
not just what you're good at.

You're allowed to feel however you
want. But must you always act on it?

Make the big decisions and the little
decisions will make themselves.

Guilt serves no purpose.

Identify with everything.
Align with nothing.

Figure out where you're going.
Then go there.

People have different opinions
than you. Let them.

Win like a rookie.
Lose like a pro.

Do your thing.
Let other people do theirs.

Redefine everything.

You can't force a thing to work
when it's not supposed to.

Go outside and play.

Don't fall into a role created by
someone else. You're a natural
at the one you've got.

You are better than your
knee-jerk reactions.

Who says?

Be really great at taking criticism.

Invest less in proving why
things won't work.

If you want it to be a sign, let it be.
if you fear it's a sign, don't let it be.

Let disruption and discomfort
be your guides.

Don't just plant a seed and
let it grow: take pleasure
in its growth.

Be better at being wrong.

Not getting what you want usually
gives you information that you need.

Go all in.
Forego the backup plan.

Roadblocks emerge to either stop
you or reroute you. It's up to you
whether to break through them
or yield their quiet instruction.

Marvel at what happens when
you stop interfering.

You don't need to figure it
out right now.

It's all in your head.

You're not courageous because you
lack fear. You're courageous because
you feel fear and keep going anyway.

When doing something doesn't work,
do something different instead.

Use your power for good.

Change your mind.

Keep looking for the lessons even
when you don't think you need them.

Let 'yes' be the answer already.

Do it anyway.

Nothing means anything until
you make something of nothing.

Learn to distinguish between what is
familiar and what is love.

Put this to memory once and for all:
what others think about you doesn't
define you. Vice versa.

It's allowed to be easy.

Resist the urge to resist temptation.

Beware the grand gesture.

Consider that the opposite of
your theory is true.

Don't confuse the learning
tool with the lesson.

Don't make up your mind until
you're good and ready. Feel
free to change it after that.

Don't seek approval from others.
Seek it from yourself.

Be more process oriented.
You're too focused on the goal.

Never let 'em see you coming.

No sudden moves.

Let things unfold.
Relinquish control.

Change the way you look at things.
They'll return the favor.

The silent person isn't thinking
what you think he is. You are.

Be enough like the people that they'll
listen to you. Be enough different
that you'll have something to say.

Instincts are habitual, knee-jerk
reactions. (Trust sometimes.) Intuition
is your link to infinite wisdom.
(Trust all of the time.)

Start here. Keep going.

If you're someone who imagines
but doesn't create, find someone
who creates but doesn't imagine.

You can't tell what someone's
feeling on the inside by what
they're showing on the outside.

Innocence is bliss.

Learn as much from joy
as you do from pain.

What you are seeking
is also seeking you.

Don't expect what you see in your mind
to look the same in the mind of others.

First impressions are overrated.
It's not that they can't be accurate.
It's that they're often based on
things that don't matter.

Learn to delay gratification.

Master living in a perpetual state
of not knowing. You are here.

Don't worry what they're doing, baby.
Let them worry about you.

You simply haven't lived until
you've learned to let go.