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Our Fortune, Framed in NYC

Fortune & Frame is a New York City-based jewelry line known for its handcrafted fortune lockets, fortune cookies and other inspired pieces.

Founded by designer Gretel Going, the original concept came about in 2012 when she came across an insightful fortune, shoved it behind a refrigerator magnet, and forgot about it. When the fortune kept falling on the floor, an idea was born.

Gretel spent the next three years learning the jewelry craft from anyone who would teach her. The resulting line relies on jewelry and accessories to bridge the gap between the value people place on fortunes and the lack of desirable places to keep them.

Our fortunes specifically speak to happiness as something you work hard for. not something you’re just born with.

All of our fortune-holding and fortune cookie pieces come with an original fortune, either personalized by you or written by us.

Each collection introduces a new theme and narrative that unfolds through a series of lockets, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and other pieces.

Fortune & Frame in its purest form.

A casual experiment turned serious obsession, our signature collection was at once a fleeting thought that wouldn’t take no for an answer. That thought was to create the world’s first frame dedicated to holding fortunes.

The frames were the first step in a long journey filled with lessons about vulnerability, patience, letting go, and trusting those who are put in your path at exactly the right time.

The pieces in F+F Signature are mementos from this journey. The Fortune Lockets were born quickly after our namesake frames. Our beloved fortune cookies – which have since become synonymous with the line – almost didn’t make it on account of being “too obvious.” And the engraved fortune pendants have come to immortalize the messages that have most inspired those who have been with us every step of the way.

All Things Rustic. Broken.
And Put Back Together Again.

“I designed the On the Mend collection at the same time as F+F Signature, and it took a very different path.

“The two-year period that I worked on these two collections was characterized by the unlearning of a lot of the things I’d picked up earlier in my life. I wanted something different for myself but kept falling into the same patterns. Once I realized that I had a choice in the matter – and that I didn’t have to keep doing things the way I’d always done them – I embarked on a journey to essentially break myself down and build myself back up again into the person I wanted to be. That process ultimately became the theme of the On the Mend collection.”

Gretel, in conversation with Brand Assembly & The Style Line

The collection’s heavy use of broken edges, bandaids, and jagged and hammered textures is a nod to the harsh aspects of the “getting-better” process.

For the Girl Next Door of a New Generation.

In contrast to the more serious and cerebral designs that have come to characterize our other collections, FfGg lockets are the poster child of free-spirited and playful. They borrow from the mainstream to offer a feeling of familiarity, but put a twist on the normal to convey the distinct uniqueness of the wearer.

With initial designs including ornate 3D flowered vines, abstract honeycomb paneling, cascading circles, and a detailed reversible envelope, FfGg is designed for the girl who’s carefree, yet carries the weight of the world on her shoulders.

Coming So Far, Only to be Lured Back In…

The Traps girl is stuck between two worlds: one defined by getting exactly what she worked so hard for and another dripping with the struggles she had to conquer to get there. She’s seduced by the comfortable familiarity of what she escaped, yet guided by the wisdom that tells her not to look back.

The collection’s “Drips” pieces represent the all-consuming, trance-like state that occurs just before falling into the trap.

The “Drops” pieces are the softer, more vulnerable side of the struggle to move forward.

The Traps collection ultimately presses onward into the unknown, rather than revisiting what’s been left behind.

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Find us at: @fortuneandframe

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