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Birthday Jewelry For Her

Our birthday collection is filled with jewelry for any of the special women in your life - whether it be a sister, wife, girlfriend, or friend - there is something for everyone

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Birthday jewelry is meant to capture both the year behind and the year ahead, no accomplishment or memory should be left behind. Birthday jewelry can be for the casual wearer or the jewelry connoisseur, especially when it is filled with so much meaning. This transforms jewelry into more than just a piece to wear, but instead a piece to live by.

Jewelry for Milestone Birthdays

Milestone birthdays, sometimes referred to as landmark birthdays, call for more than just your average birthday celebration. These special birthdays are often ages that come with new rites of passage, such as being able to buy your first lottery ticket or being able to order an alcoholic drink out at a restaurant. Some milestone birthdays may not include any new rites of passage, but they’re still a representation of how far someone has grown and accomplished throughout their life. A great way to commemorate a significant birthday is with a jewelry gift. Birthday bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are timeless pieces that will capture the milestone in a meaningful way. A favorite birthday necklace for women that captures the sentiment of milestone birthdays is the Between the Lines Fortune Locket. It represents the wisdom and advice that the wearer needs to keep close to them.

18th birthday jewelry

Turning 18 may be the biggest milestone birthday. At 18, you’re finally an adult and so many doors have just opened. Voting, skydiving, getting a tattoo, and buying a lottery ticket are just a few of things you can do with your new found freedom. 18th birthdays should not be brushed under the rug, they should be acknowledged and celebrated. There’s no better way to memorialize the step into adulthood than with a piece of meaningful birthday jewelry. Although she may now be an adult, that doesn’t mean she’s done needed advice. With one of Fortune & Frame’s fortune-holding pieces, you can make sure that she always has whatever tidbit or message you’d like to share with her.

21st birthday jewelry

21 is the birthday that opens up the rest of the doors that 18 did not. You’ve been an adult for three years now and you’ve gotten a feel of the world around you, but now its official. You can check into any hotel room, go to a casino in any state, and most importantly – legally buy alcohol. A 21st birthday is said to be successful if it can’t be remembered, so make sure to give a jewelry gift that can be remembered. Whether you want to add in a meaningful quote or a funny saying, the choice is yours. A birthday necklace or bracelet is the best way to go - it’ll stay connected with her no matter where she celebrates!

30th birthday jewelry

Sure, by time you turn thirty, you’ve done it all. You’ve been able to legally drink, check into hotels, go to casinos, and of course drive for years. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a milestone birthday, there’s so much to celebrate about turning thirty. It’s a new decade – a fresh start, no matter where life has taken you. This is why 30th birthday jewelry should be a piece that is personal and can be customized for whoever it is a gift for. Whether it be your daughter, wife, sister, best friend, or even yourself turning 30. We have meaningful jewelry that is a fit for anyone as it is highly customizable. No matter if she’s celebrating her 30th with her husband and kids or a night out with friends, you’ll be sure to find a piece that honors where she is in life.

40th birthday jewelry

Often overlooked, a 40th birthday is one that you don’t want to miss. Turning 40 marks being the perfect age. You’re right at the spot where you’re right in the middle of being an adult. You’ve learned what you need to know from the first half of your adulthood, and now you can take that and apply it to the second half. Birthday jewelry for forty is a sincere way to welcome someone special in your life to the middle of their adulthood. Maybe they need a few words of encouragement or even just a piece they can wear and look back on. Try a dainty pair of earrings or necklace. Welcome 40 in with elegance.

50th birthday jewelry

Welcome to the golden year! Turning fifty is such a milestone that it is referred to as the golden birthday. The big 5-0 is reason for a huge celebration that symbolizes all the wisdom and experiences you have gained, while you still have so much in front of you. Birthday jewelry for her 50th should be meaningful, personal, and gold! A perfect example is a gold Fortune Cookie Locket. Bring luck and wisdom to her golden year by adding in a sentimental saying, date, or even memory that you share with her. Jewelry for a woman’s 50th birthday should be as special and unique as she is.

Birthday Jewelry for Every Woman in Your Life

Gifting Birthday Jewelry to a Friend

Both old and new friendships are filled with memories, laughs, and sentiments. Gifting jewelry to a friend is a fun and personal way to say “happy birthday!” Maybe you’re searching for the girl you call your twin flame and want to give her a meaningful Evil Eye necklace or you’re buying for the one who you’re lucky to have met and want to symbolize it through a Fortune Cookie Locket. In need of a gift for your longest friend? A favorite birthday bracelet is the Secret Book Diary. It symbolizes adding another chapter to your friendship as the years pass. Any fortune holding locket can be customized with an inside joke, a message, or even a simple “happy birthday!” wish.

What jewelry should I get for my mom’s birthday?

Jewelry for your mom should be meaningful. It should hold sentimental meaning to her and be representative of your relationship with her. Meaning means more than diamonds and pearls. Jewelry that is able to be personalized makes for a great gift because it goes way beyond just the object. There is sentimental value to it and is meaningful to wear. Jewelry for mom’s birthday should always have a connection to her and her.

Personalized Jewelry for Mom’s Birthday

Nothing says “happy birthday, mom, I love you” like something personalized. Maybe she’s the heart of the family and deserves a Heart + Arrow Locket necklace with a customized fortune telling her how much she means to the family. Or, for a new mother, the MAMA Letters Necklace is a great way for her to show off her new status, along with Letter Necklaces of her children(s) initials.

Inspirational Jewelry for Sister’s Birthday

Sister’s are inspirational forces towards each other. They mutually encourage one another to do their best, work hard, and accomplish any goals that have been set and any dreams that want to be reached. Inspirational jewelry for a sister’s birthday is a sincere way for her to keep her dreams close and be reminded to put her best foot forward each day. If you want to gift inspirational jewelry, try the Cross Pendant.

Buying Jewelry for Your Wife’s Birthday

Maybe this is her first birthday as a married couple and the stakes have been raised. Or, maybe her 50th birthday is right around the corner and should be celebrated. Either way, buying birthday jewelry for your wife should be filled with affection and reminiscent of your time together. If there’s a certain symbol that means something in your relationship, you can get jewelry that is representative of that. Or if there is a specific phrase that stands out, it can be engraved into a bracelet.

Best Jewelry Gift for Your Girlfriend’s Birthday

The more meaning, the better. Any piece of jewelry that is fortune-holding has the maximum effect of sentimentalism. The Stardust Book Locket is a great example of a birthday necklace that symbolizes sharing a part of your life together and writing a “story.” The Love Letters Necklace is a simple, yet effective, piece that will keep those four little letters with your girlfriend no matter where she is. The Jeweled Heart Charm Ring is symbolic, but also small enough for those who have a minimalistic style.