Anniversary Gifts
for Her

Whether you're celebrating a lifetime together or your first year of marriage or dating, tell your partner exactly how you feel with one of our personalized anniversary gifts for her.

Celebrating years together

Honor another year together with a piece of our meaningful jewelry. Each piece can be personalized with a custom message that's unique to your relationship, making it the perfect anniversary gift, no matter which year you're celebrating.

Anniversary Gifts for One Year Together

The first year wedding anniversary gift is traditionally something made of paper. Our jewelry gifts use paper to memorialize pivotal life moments.

Sentiments to Express with your Anniversary Gift

You're fortunate to have her

Your anniversary is a perfect time to remind her that she is exactly who you were searching for. Fortune Cookie Lockets with a message from you to her are as thoughtful as anniversary gifts get.

Fortune Cookie Locket

You're looking forward to the next year together

Our Turning Corners Fortune Locket is all about embracing new beginnings and moving forward with purpose. Express your vision for the future together in words.

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You're paying attention to the little things

Capture an inside joke that only the two of you understand. Or frame a fortune she’s been holding onto so she has a special place to honor a thought that inspired her. 

View Fortune Frame

You want to do life with her

You two are addicted to love--and each other. Go big here with a sappy mini love letter, delivered in our Envelope Fortune Locket. Special delivery!

View Envelope Locket

You want to honor her for her role as partner and mother.

She’s the mother of your child—or will soon be. She’s also your partner. Let her know that you see her and admire her in both roles.

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The flowered vine fortune locket pictured with a meaningful anniversary message

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You're Just As In Love Now as on your Wedding Day

Anniversary Gifts for Her

Memorialize important moments

The key to giving the perfect anniversary gift is to think less about the gift itself and more about the message you put in it.

View SPHERE Ring

An excerpt from your vows

Show her you’ve spent your time reminiscing about the most important part of that day: the vows you made to one another.

View Heart Locket

A passage of your story together

You've just finished another chapter of your story together. Let her know your favorite part with a line from your narrative.

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Here's how our Anniversary gifts for her work

1. Choose a piece of jewelry she'll love

We have a variety of styles: Long or short, statement pieces or everyday jewelry.


2. Choose or Write a Message to Put Inside

You'll be able to select from a number of message options from our gallery, or write your own, before checking out.

3. It will arrive in our Gift Packaging

All of our jewelry comes packaged in our signature storybook-style gift boxes or booklets.

Sample Anniversary Messages

Complete your thoughtful anniversary gift for her with a sentimental message.

You'll be asked to choose or write your message before checkout. You can also create an account to save your favorite messages and add to your order later.

With you,
I am home.

All that you are is
all that I’ll ever need.

–  Ed Sheeran

You claim a special place
in my heart, one I'll carry with
me forever and that no one
can ever replace.

–  Nicholas Sparks

I love you forever, not maybe.
You are my one true love.

–  Lana Del Ray

I'd choose you; in a hundred
lifetimes, in a hundred worlds,
in any version of reality,
I'd find you and I'd choose you.

–  Kiersten White

I love you because
the entire universe
conspired to help me
find you.

–  Paolo Coelho

Forever is a long time, but I wouldn't
mind spending it by your side.

I am fortunate to
have found you.

Love isn't finding a perfect person.
It's seeing an imperfect
person perfectly.

–  Sam Keen

Explore our fortune gallery or write your own message during purchase.

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“If you’re willing to be a bit sentimental (sometimes this pays off, guys), Fortune & Frame’s mantra-infused lockets are an excellent choice.”

These lockets are a beautiful way to send a message. Choose from 300 sayings, from a simple 'I love you' to an inspiring 'let yourself dream again.'

If you’re willing to be a bit sentimental (sometimes this pays off, guys), Fortune & Frame’s mantra-infused lockets are an excellent choice.

One of the most unique pieces of jewelry we’ve ever found. Fortune & Frame has created a collection of modern jewelry that holds the messages closest to your heart.

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