Jewelry Gifts for Mom

Honor mom—or the woman who is like a mom—with words from your heart that will melt hers.

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" my locket are 'Sparkle on.' When I was diagnosed with cancer, my friends and family wanted a slogan to put on a shirt. I REFUSED to accept ‘Megan's Fight’ or anything ‘TEAM MEGHAN’ related--- so I sat down and thought, “How do people describe me?” I love Pink, Disney, and sparkle… BOOM “Sparkle On” was born!"


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Mom will never leave the house again without good fortune once you gift her one of these lockets. You can personalize the fortune to read something sweet that mom can hold dear to her heart or choose from sayings that the brand already has.

Jewelry Gifts for Mom

When we started designing jewelry that holds a sentimental message we found that moms love what we do. To honor moms around the world we designed this collection with the unique jewelry gifts that moms love most.

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Personalized Jewelry Gifts for Moms

A mom is one of the most influential women in your life and now you can tell her exactly what she means to you through jewelry that she can wear every day. Or, if you’re feeling super sentimental, through a personalized note that she can wear in one of our jewelry pieces that hold a message. With our personalized pieces you can write your own message to hide inside and mom can wear a message from you to her, everyday. You can create a truly custom jewelry piece for mom by writing your own note and if you want to change the message to fit the seasons of your life and the ways in which mom is influential, you easily can with our fully customizable Fortune Packs. This is a unique jewelry gift for mom that you can both share for life, because mom will always be there. If you’re not sure which messages mom needs to hear the most, don’t worry! You can search our library of messages for mom and find the one that resonates the most.

Locket Necklaces for Moms

Some of the necklaces most loved by moms are our Fortune Lockets such as the Flowered Vine Locket; a popular choice for those looking to give mom an alternative to the traditional bunch of flowers this year. Other lockets within this collection include the reversible Envelope Necklace that reveals your custom note on one side, and envelope detailing on the other; perfect for keeping a custom note from you and ready for her to share only with the people she chooses.

Heart Necklaces for Mom

Hearts are representative of the deepest and most prominent emotion, love. Through our selection of heart necklaces you will find a truly meaningful necklace for mom. There are heart locket necklaces for mom that can hold a custom note from you to her. . Or if the love heart says it all, and we believe that the heart alone holds a deeply sentimental message, you can choose from a selection of heart jewelry pieces such as the sacred heart necklace or our delicate gold heart necklace, a mini necklace with enamel detailing - ll of which have their own beautiful jewelry counterparts: bracelets, earrings and rings.

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