Jewelry Gifts for Sisters

If you’re lucky enough to have a sister, take a minute to honor the special relationship you share.

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The person you’ve known forever and grew up alongside might just be the most impossible person to shop for. Everyone loves a personalized touch, and this classic initial necklace from Fortune & Frame will do the trick!

Sister Jewelry

This collection of jewelry gifts for sisters is designed to honor the bond between sisters by bringing together special jewelry pieces that you can customize with a secret message to remind your closest girl just how special she is.

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These pieces are a nod to some of the most significant life-lessons that sisters overcome together: heartbreak, loss, celebration, love, family and the importance of following your dreams, all with your sister by your side. To make sure there's something for every sister we've included personalized jewelry pieces and some of our dainty jewelry pieces, too.

Heart Necklaces and Bracelets for Sisters

Our message holding heart jewelry has become a go-to and modern alternative to traditional sister bracelets and necklaces. Our pieces transform a cute jewelry gift into something that’s also deeply meaningful and sentimental. Heart necklaces and bracelets are a popular choice for sisters around the world, especially pieces like the enamel heart necklace that holds a secret message. Similar to our Fortune Lockets, some of our heart jewelry holds a secret, customizable message. Hearts for sisters are a perfect gift for her birthday or Christmas, or just as a surprise to symbolize your unique bond and love for one another.

Matching Sister Jewelry for 2, 3 or 4 Sisters

If you're looking for matching sister jewelry you can get creative with our Fortune Lockets, which you can customize with your own message or favorite childhood memory. Sisters around the world are wearing matching sister necklaces in the form of our meaningful lockets - each equipped with a message inside. Popular choices include quotes for sisters, inside jokes or a message that reminds her that you'll be there for her no matter what. For matching sister bracelets for 2, 3 or 4 siblings try the Capsule + Wand bracelet, which is available in 14k gold-plated or sterling silver. For a more understated jewelry piece that brings sisters together you can mix and match string bracelets- our unique take on the adult friendship / sisterhood bracelet.

Charm Rings and Earrings for Sisters

Our charm rings and earrings all carry a sentimental message suitable for the sister or might-as-well-be sister in your life. Our signature Fortune Cookies are a nod to getting the right message at the right time - and it’s no secret that sometimes those messages - the good, the bad, and the brutally honest come through our sisters. The wishbone necklaces, earrings and rings are a reminder to the wearer to make a wish, then work to make it come true with your sister as a support.

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