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Top Earring Styles to Try in 2022

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Fortune cookie stud earrings in gold and silver.

I got my ears pierced when I was about 10 years old. It’s a blur to me now but I do remember how scary it was. I was about to poke a hole in my ears (ouch) but just looking at the wall of sparkly earring styles at the store made me a bit braver. 

So, I closed my eyes and did it. 

Before I knew it, I looked in the mirror and found a small emerald and gold stud in each ear. But I soon got an infection and had to remove them. Later when I tried to put the studs back in, the tiny holes closed up. To my dismay, I was left earring-less and it wasn’t until about two years later that I decided to finally try it again.

In this case, second time’s a charm. I think the whole process made me appreciate being able to wear earrings even more. 


Styling earrings can add just the right amount of sparkle to compliment your smile.

Just like clothes, earrings can let you express your style. You can dress them up or down, and it’s one of the first things someone may notice about you. 

Through the years, I’ve tried many earring styles and noticed trends come and go. There was a year where long feather earrings were a thing (if you were into the boho look) and the time I couldn’t get over colorful enamel jewelry 

So, what are the trending earrings 2022 has in store? 


Let’s preface this by saying there are many trending earrings, and this is our take. Style is more about personal taste, and I always prefer following that over trends but it can be fun to see what’s new or revived in the earring world. 

Without further ado, here are the in-style earrings this year. Within each category comes many subcategories, and we’re highlighting a few of our favorites. 


These fortune cookie studs go with just about everything.


Studs are earrings that are typically small and fit onto your earlobe without dangling down. They consist of a head (such as a diamond, pearl, or other design) attached to a post that goes through your ear piercing. Subtle studs are a great choice if you’re just starting to wear earrings and still getting used to the feeling, or if you simply prefer a hint of jewelry. If you’re wearing a busy outfit or heavy makeup, studs can complement—not compete with—your main focus.

On the other hand, there are bolder stud styles that make a statement on their own. Take, for instance, our Mini Fortune Cookie Studs. These may be small in size but are prone to start conversations. Take a close look and you’ll find that the handcrafted detailing mimics the texture of a real fortune cookie. 

More of a minimalist? Try our Super Mini Fortune Cookie Studs. They’re about half the size of the mini ones and still give off that playful look. They can be your everyday studs that go with everything.


Elevate your look with these subtle heart huggies.


More than just a cute name, huggies are like mini hoop earrings that ‘hug’ your earlobe. Typically, there’s a hinge within the huggie earrings that allow them to open and close without a traditional earring back. As for their perks? They’re less likely to get tangled up in your hair and are lightweight considering their size. (Our huggie earring hoops measure about a cm in diameter.)

Designs span from classic small hoops to ones with dangling charms like our Jeweled Heart Earrings that are adorned with ruby and crystal enamel.

If there’s a common theme for 2022, it’s love. After the past year of unexpected happenings, there’s nothing more powerful than seeing the world come together to create positive change. These trending earrings can also serve as a reminder to give yourself self-love.


These dainty earrings are "key" for any minimalist.


For another take on heart huggies, look to our Mini Sacred Heart Earrings. Think of these as one level beyond a stud in terms of size. They’re dangly, yes, but just a little and they’re subtle enough to complement bold outfits. 

Dainty jewelry is trending this year, as it has for many years, and will continue to do in the future. Another pair of dainty earrings are these Mini Key of F Earrings. Keys can represent anything you want them to, which also makes for a thoughtful gift. I recently gave my best friend the necklace version of this design since we were college roommates (hence the key) who shared our first place in New York City. 


Show off your styling skills with bold dangle earrings like these. 


Just like its name suggests, dangle earrings usually feature a design that hangs below your earlobe and swings back and forth or side to side. It may vary in length but always gives movement. Dangle earrings can be a fun way to show a playful personality in a more obvious way. 

Our Sacred Heart Earrings are just like the mini versions but the charm is larger. It also features ruby enamel and is engraved with our signature wave pattern and ‘F’ on the back. 


Another take on mismatched earrings is our Key of F pair in different sized charms.


Looking for a non-traditional spin on in-style earrings? Try mismatched earrings. You can do this one of two ways: mixing up two different pairs of earrings or buying an intentionally mismatched pair. If you’re going for the first option, just keep in mind that you want to find two earrings that stick to the same theme and color family so that they look cohesive. 

Our Mismatched Key of F Earrings feature our signature key design, but in two different sizes. We designed these as a nod to the freedom that comes with letting go, and the doors that open up once you do. Each is clad with abstract-shaped crystal gems that we created with enamel. (How else would we achieve these perfectly imperfect misshaped crystal pools?)

Another fun feature: Look closely and you’ll see there’s a subtle ‘F’ at the very bottom of the key. The font of the F was inspired by the one used on the U.S. currency and meant for you to channel your own fortune.


A heart and arrow earring combo will always be in style.

If you like the small and minimalist, but want to be a little bolder, consider our Mismatched Sacred Heart Earrings, featuring one mini sacred heart and one regular-sized heart to add a playful edge to an otherwise classic look. Whether you go with the minis or the mismatched, the design of these pairs is symbolic of divine love and is embellished with ruby enamel. 

Then there’s our Mismatched Mending Heart + Bandaid Earrings which focuses on the healing phases of a broken heart. Wear one on each ear or next to each other on one ear (if you have multiple piercings) to instantly satisfy the non-traditional earring look. 

What are your favorite earring styles of 2022?

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