An open Jeweled Heart Bracelet and closed Jeweled Heart Locket shown with their signature storybook packaging and a fortune that reads "It takes a strong woman to be a mom and it takes a stronger woman to be MY mom."

Mommy & Me
By Fortune & Frame

One for her and one for you. Shop our assortment of matching sets that she - and you - will cherish.
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Mini and Super Mini Fortune Cookie Gift Set


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Mommy & Me Jewelry

Our Mommy & me jewelry collection features matching mom and daughter jewelry sets that unite style and thoughtfulness.

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Jewelry is already incredibly special, which is why it’s a popular gift choice from daughters to moms. Every jewely piece stands for something and you can use the meaning symbolized by jewelry to tell mom exactly how you feel about her, whether you want to share feelings of love, appreciation or thanks. Mother and daughter jewelry takes this meaningful gift and transforms into something ultimately personal and special. Each time mom wears her jewelry piece she will feel connected and reminded of you. Matching jewelry is a nod to your bond and your desire to be close to each other.

Matching Mom and Daughter Jewelry

The purpose of the matching mother daughter jewelry set is for moms and daughters to wear the same jewelry piece or a matching counterpart. With each wear moms and daughters are reminded of the love and bond. As a gift, jewelry shows mum how special she is. Matching jewelry is more than just a gift – it’s a statement of love, closeness and the desire to be reminded of each other, even when you’re not together. Matching mother daughters jewelry sets gives each woman a wearable reminder of the most special woman in her life. You can be creative with your mom and daughter matching jewelry. Some of our pieces are personalizable with a message that you can write and keep within the jewelry. Others are matching pendants in different sizes/ For mom and daughter jewelry set that match take a look at the matching hearts with delicate enamel detailing or the big key and little key. Mom can wear the large pendant with a smaller counterpart for her daughter.

Matching Mom and Daughter Necklace Sets

Within this mommy and me collection you will find beautiful mommy and daughter sets. Each set offers a different message that you can use to symbolize how you feel about mom or you can get more literal and write exactly the message you want to share, roll it up and store it in your chosen personalized jewelry piece. Matching necklace sets for moms and daughters are some of the most popular jewelry gifts for mom, favoured for the style and thoughtfulness that they bring to the gift.

Personalized Mother Daughter Necklace Set

Each mother and daughter necklace set contains a personalizable piece, so you can even write a special message for mom. Fortune Cookie jewelry is part of our signature collection and amongst some of our best selling pieces. The best part about this matching mother daughter jewelry duo is that both fortune cookies can be personalized, so you can write a note for mom and she can write one for you.

Gold Mother Daughter Necklace Set

Gold mother daughter sets include: two gold mini fortune cookies a perfect reminder that we receive the right messages at the right time – and how many of our most important messages came directly from mom? gold book and key jewelry set that reminds the wearer that a mother is her daughter's first best friend and expert secret keeper. With this gold mother daughter jewelry set you can be your mother's keeper in return. gold mother daughter heart set includes a bracelet and necklace. Each piece can be personalized with your own fortune cookie. Write a love not to mom and tell her how perfect she is.

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