Capsule Jewelry

Our capsule jewelry designs open to reveal a personalized message, rolled into a secret scroll.

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Capsule Jewelry with Fortune

The collection was inspired by historic vintage poison necklaces and rings, which have evolved over the centuries to hold perfume, messages, and keepsakes.

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If we've learned anything from the thousands of fortunes our customers have personalized, it's that the words that resonate with them in one moment aren't necessarily the words they'll be drawn to in the next. We've set out to move this trend forward even further with jewelry that can adapt to a series of significant moments along a person's individual journey. Our capsule jewelry allows you to keep important objects and messages close by. Capsule jewelry is unique because you can buy it as a ring, bracelet, or necklace. With all these options, you’ll be able to keep your most sacred memento or note near you at all times.

Capsule Necklace for Ashes: Keeping the Memory of Loved Ones Close

When someone close to us passes away, it’s natural to want to keep something of them close to us. With capsule necklaces, you can store ashes and keep them secure inside. This is a great way to honor the memory of a loved one. Our capsule necklaces come in different shapes - such as a sphere, polygon, heart, and capsule. These options allow you to pick the shape that is most meaningful to you. Capsule bracelets and capsule rings are also an option for some designs. These options allow everyone to carry the memory of their loved ones close.

What Can be Put Inside a Capsule Bracelet?

Keeping size in mind, you can place anything inside of a capsule bracelet. From a small picture to your favorite quote, you can have it right around your wrist. Whatever you choose, it will be there offering you inspiration whenever you may need it. You can also put small objects, such as flowers and charms inside of a capsule bracelet. You can add whatever makes you, you.

What is capsule jewelry?

The purpose of wearing capsule jewelry is to keep something sentimental close to you. You are able to scroll up messages and place them inside. It keeps whatever you place inside safe and it closes so that you don’t lose it. Since the object placed inside has meaning to you, it is important that it stays safe and is not lost. Also, capsule jewelry allows you to replace whatever you want to keep inside as often as you want. These pieces grow with you.

What is the meaning of capsule pendants?

Capsule pendants stay close to your heart, keeping whatever you place in them right there. This symbolizes love and strong feelings. Try to find an object, quote, or note that falls into that theme. Consider a love letter, a quote on love, or a picture of someone you love.

What is an intention capsule bracelet?

An intention capsule bracelet is a great piece of jewelry to wear if you are ready to see all your dreams come true. You should write down any goal you wish to achieve on a piece of paper and place it inside the capsule. This reminds you of your goal throughout the day and helps manifest it. Your intention can be anything meaningful, there's no set topic. This is a perfect piece of jewelry for when you are ready to welcome change into your life.