Capsule Jewelry Collection for your Capsule Wardrobe Tips & Guides

Capsule Jewelry Collection for your Capsule Wardrobe

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Capsule Jewelry Collection for your Capsule Wardrobe

If you’re big on trends, then you already know what a capsule wardrobe is. I for one usually miss out on new trends going on until my friends mention it, and then go on a whole search to learn more about it. This trend was definitely one of them, but also a trend that I ended up liking quite a bit. It’s all about simplicity and making things easy. Choosing an outfit should be as simple as plucking out two pieces and having it go well together. It should not be stressful as you dig through your entire closet to find out what you can possibly wear today.

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a minimalist's dream. It consists of creating a wardrobe with timeless interchangeable pieces that never go out of style and maximizes the number of outfits you can create. Of course everyone is going to have a different capsule wardrobe due to individual styles and what you wear in constant rotation due to work or everyday activities. The key is cutting down your closet to those few timeless pieces that can create various outfits from casual to work to going out. The same concept should be used when creating your capsule jewelry collection. A few minimal, and timeless pieces that can switch up the entirety of your outfit. Jewelry pieces you don’t have to stress or think about. You know that whatever you pick up from your jewelry box will go well with whatever outfit you have on that day. Dress up your look for a date-worthy outfit, or just elevate the casual white tee and blue jeans look. Here’s a list of a few pieces that I find essential in adding to your very own jewelry capsule collection. 

Capsule Lockets for Your Capsule Wardrobe

The first style of accessory that you should include in your capsule jewelry collection is of course our capsule jewelry. These pieces are delicate and beautiful and will give your outfit that extra pop that was needed. The Capsule + Wand Locket and our Sphere + Wand Locket are beautifully vintage and go well with a pair of blue jeans and t-shirt. These lockets are even perfect to spice up your date night fit. For a little bit of sparkle I recommend our Polygon Lariat Locket- this piece will draw attention to any simple outfit. You're able to adjust the length at which it hangs to pair well with any neckline. Partner it with its very own Polygon Bracelet and your outfit will go from simple to “wow, where are you going?”


Pearls are Always Appropriate 

Pearls are a timeless piece that go with absolutely anything. Take them to the beach, wear it with your little black dress, go to work, dress up that casual Tuesday outfit, whatever you decide to wear– just know pearls will always go. The unique part about our pearl pieces is that they are 50% chain and 50% pearl. It elevates that classical pearl look to something more modern and stylish…with a cute little fortune cookie charm to bring you luck and style. Add our Fortune Cookie Pearl Necklace to your capsule jewelry box for that special piece that can bring a certain charm to any outfit. What’s better is that we made a matching bracelet just for it. Grab the Fortune Cookie Pearl Bracelet to go with your necklace and elevate that casual look in the day or bring out a bit of elegance for the night.

Pearl Fortune Cookie Necklace on model.


Chains for Days

You’ll always need to keep a thicker chain in your jewelry box. They turn a casual outfit more bold, that brunch outfit more spicy, that work outfit more elegant, and that night outfit more daring. Thick chains are so versatile that it makes it a must have. I recommend our Love Letter Envelope Locket as that bold statement to round up your necklaces in your jewelry capsule kit. Get it in either silver or gold, depending on your preference or even to pair it up with any details on your outfit. Our Love Letter Envelope Locket is short and will help in accentuating your neck. Pair this locket with minimalistic jewelry to make this piece really stand out.

Love Letter Envelope Locket


Studs are a Staple

Your very first piercings just happened to be studs. They knew what they were doing. Studs just go with absolutely anything and everything and you can wear them everywhere. You can’t ever go wrong by wearing a pair of them- they’re just too versatile and perfect for daily wear. Our Mini Fortune Cookie Studs brings that every day wear along with a simple yet playful look. Show them off with an up-do or just grab them as your go-to earrings. They come in silver and gold too! Get one or both to style them as you wish. I mostly go for gold, it’s just my preference in jewelry, but I do have a few silver pieces due to the outfits. Sometimes silver jewelry just goes better. Studs on the other hand? They always go. 

Mini and Super Mini Fortune Cookie Studs


These are just some pieces you can add to your jewelry capsule collection. It’s all about ease. Get pieces where you don’t have to think about what outfit a certain piece will go with. To create your ultimate jewelry capsule you need pieces that can go with any outfit you put together from your capsule wardrobe. Maybe you might want to change a style here and there due to personal style or even the life you live, just make sure you at least get the necessities; studs, a few necklace styles (short & long), a statement piece, and even some pearls. With all these capsule collections, you’ll save on money, space, and even the stress of figuring out what you’re going to wear and accessorize with.




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