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International Friendship Day Gift Guide

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Jewelry with quotes for friendships over a light pink background

Though the day for International Friendship Day is almost upon us (in just 2 days!), it shouldn’t be the only day that you show your friends that you care for them. This day was proclaimed in 2011 with the idea that friendships between people, countries, cultures and individuals can inspire peace and build bridges between communities. This day may have been given its name 12 years ago, but we’ve been celebrating our friends for way longer than that. In this day and age with the advancements of technology, it is so much easier to keep in contact with friends that you make all around the world with video calls, messaging apps, and even through playing online games. My friends have always been one of my biggest support groups alongside my family, and there are so many ways to show appreciation. Through supporting them and cheering them on in their hobbies and goals to listening to them when they need to get something off of their chest. Your friends are always there for you, just as you are for them. Give them a little extra something this year to show them how much you appreciate them. Or better yet….get one for you and one for them. Who doesn’t like besties who match?

For the Keeper of Secrets

Just like all friend groups, you know so many secrets and facts about your friends because they trust you. They trust you to not spread their secrets but to hear them out, sometimes all that is needed is for someone to just listen. Not every day is a walk in the park and sometimes all you need is to vent, to get out your frustration and move forward. Depending on the grievance, my friends have a few different responses- either they’ll just listen while I get everything out, try to make me laugh with absurd and wild scenarios, we go for a walk around the park, or we end up planning a weekend getaway to relax. They will keep everything you said to them, as well as all those crazy ideas, and not say a word to anyone else. This Secret Diary Book Locket and Key Pendant Gift Set offers you two pieces- you can give the book locket to your friend that opens up and they can put anything they want in it. Keep the key pendant for yourself as a symbol that you are there to safeguard their secrets forever, just as they always do for you.


Be the keeper of your friend's secrets with the Key of F Necklace when giving her a Secret Diary Book Locket that will hold all of the secrets you already know.

For your Twin Flame

Sometimes you find a friend that just so happens to be your twin flame. You share this unexplainable special connection- they’re your other half of your soul. You cannot see your life without them, you’ve been connected since you met and attached at the hip ever since. You are always yourself in the presence of your twin flame, and being allowed that freedom is something you can never thank them for. So for our twin flames, get matchy matchy with your bestie with our Letter Necklaces that so happens to be in the font used on US currency. Just a little hint to show them that they are worth more than a million bucks. The chain is stylish and unique and comes in both gold and silver. Enjoy the Mother of Pearl enamel detailing on the gold pendant, and a beautiful Onyx enamel detailing on the silver pendant. You can turn your matching necklaces as a sort of nod to yin and yang by getting one gold and one silver- because everyone knows your bestie is the yin to your yang…or vice versa.


Match with your twin flame or represent yin and yang by sporting a silver and gold Letter Necklace.

For the Ray of Sunshine

If you’re lucky enough to meet a friend that just brings a light into your life- hold on to them. These friends can turn any day around for the better with their presence and sunshine of an attitude alone. These gems of friends can bring light and hope into any situation. What better gift is there for these beautiful friends than their own warmth and source of light, especially since candles have symbolized friendship and love for a long time. This candle is one of my absolute favorites, from the elegant look to the rose gold letters shaped in a heart. The scent of sandalwood and amber with a hint of vanilla bean in this "With you, I am home" candle is what gets me every time- it smells incredible. It’s the perfect gift for the ray of sunshine that has made a little home in your heart. Your friends will appreciate the words……as well as how good their home will smell after lighting this candle.


Is your friend as obsessed with candles as we are? Give her one that smells incredible but also holds a lot of meaning- we all know we're always home amongst our best friends.

For your Good Luck Charm

Some friends just end up being your good luck charm. Somehow they bring blessings and luck any time they are around, and life just seems that much better. For your good luck charm, I thought taking it back to old times was the way to go for these special friends. Surprise your friend with the adult version of a friendship bracelet…and get one for yourself to match! These Fortune Cookie String Bracelets come in different colors, so get your bestie the one that matches her best. The fortune cookie pendant will serve as their own good little luck charm. 


We're all in for matching with your bestie. Take it back old school with the adult version of friendship bracelets with our Fortune Cookie String Bracelets and match with the whole group!


Friendship is a two way street and as long as both sides are nurturing it, the friendship will last. The friends you make are an absolute blessing in life that makes life happier. Take the time to tell and show your friends how much you appreciate and cherish them. Take them out, go bond doing an activity, get them a little gift you know they’ll love, or just spend the day with them. These are the friends that accept you just as you are, never judge your past, and cheer you on in your future. So keep them close and always remind them just how much you love that they came into your life and stayed by your side. 




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