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Evil Eye Jewelry: The Meaning & History

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An evil eye pendant resting on top of a stack of books.

In the past few years, the evil eye pendant has become a trend in almost every aspect of the clothing and accessory market. It is a truly mesmerizing pattern that is bound to become your next conversation piece. But what is the true meaning of the Evil Eye jewelry? This blog post will explore how much power is behind this small piece of glass and if we should all keep Evil Eye jewelry on each of us for a little extra protection. 

Recently, the Evil Eye jewelry charm has become a popular motif among the trendy, young generations. It’s vibrant blues and ‘eye’-catching design (no pun intended) is slowly making its way up to staple-charm status. But it hasn’t stopped there. What started as a jewelry symbol is now a fashionable choice for tattoos, a pattern for phone cases and laptop wallpapers, clothing design, and even one of the most used emojis nowadays. 

Though it’s street credit and modernity has increased in the past few years, this intriguing pattern is far from new. 

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What Does Evil Eye Jewelry Mean?

The true meaning of evil eye jewelry dates back to ancient civilisations. The Evil Eye charm is traditionally a talisman that symbolizes protection. In many cultures it's thought that the Evil Eye can protect against harm or evil spirits and negativity.

My aunt travels to Greece to visit her family each year. Although I am not Greek myself, I have been surrounded by the culture for as long as I can remember. The food, music, and most importantly the handmade jewelry has become a staple in my life. Following their travels to their family’s island of Nafpaktos, my aunt, uncle, and cousins proudly bring back gifts for each of us from Greece. Something I always remember receiving was an Evil eye. Whether it was on a bracelet, ring, or keychain, I have created my own little collection by now, without ever truly understanding the significance of this simple little charm. 

The rich religious history of this emblem is not known by many who follow this jewelry trend. However, the Evil Eye is taken very seriously in many cultures across the globe. The idea of magic and the mystical dates back to the early days of civilization, and our fascination with the supernatural has only grown stronger. It is believed that jewelry pieces, like amulets, have the power to possess such magic and that those who wear it have the ultimate advantage. 

At the time I was gifted my first bracelet, I was too young to understand and appreciate the meaning of Evil Eye jewelry, but growing up, I am grateful for my mini arsenal of Evil Eye jewelry

The jade evil eye necklace, symbolic of intuition, paired with the blue evil eye bracelet symbolic of clarity.

The History and Origin of the Evil Eye

Though it has different names in many different languages, they all mean the same thing: the malevolent gaze. 

Much like poison jewelry, Evil Eye amulets are considered sacred and hold a strong significance in the history of many cultures. The concept of the Evil Eye is most popular in the Mediterranean and West Asia, however, it’s origin story is believed to have begun in Ancient Greece. The Evil Eye has a long history and its existence is almost as old as civilization itself. It is believed that the eye is the most powerful part of the body, and has the potential to possess supernatural abilities. The Evil Eye holds a religious and a bit of a superstitious representation, as the contemporary emblem is important across many religions, including Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. 

There is even mention of the Evil Eye curse in Roman and Greek texts, as well as the Quran and Bible, dating as far back as 3,000BC. The Evil Eye , or ‘mati’, as it is known in Greek, is a curse cast on the unaware and misfortunate, by a nasty stare that is believed to radiate negative energy, out of spite or envy. It is a curse, with demonic tendencies, that many cultures and religions believe will cause one bad luck, mental, emotional, and even physical pain and injury. It can be passed from the most unlikely places and people, and the curses' invisibility is it’s strongest advantage. The Evil Eye jewelry was created to combat this curse and protect those that may receive the Evil Eye. 

The pink evil eye is symbolic of vibrancy.

Evil Eye Jewelry Colors and Meanings

The Evil Eye itself, as we learned, is a form of protection. The most popular color of Evil Eye jewelry is of course the Blue Evil Eye. The blue color symbolizes karma protection, peace, and a hope for a broadened perspective. However, the jewelry charm comes in a variety of colors. To some who don’t understand the full history, they just may pick based on what they like, but each color has its own unique meaning… 

  • Red Evil Eye: courage and strength, more energy and enthusiasm. 
  • Orange Evil Eye: protection of your happiness, motivation for commitment, and increasing creativity. 
  • Yellow Evil Eye protection of your health, relief after exhaustion, and a sharper mind and strong sense of concentration. 
  • Green Evil Eye: happiness and success, balance and good health, contentment, and freedom to explore new ideas. 
  • Purple Evil Eye: boost to imagination, removal of obstacles in your love and relationships, and re-balancing your life.
  • Brown Evil Eye: protection from the elements, connection with nature. 
  • White Evil Eye: purity and focus, clearing a cluttered mind and obstacles, a fresh start. 
  • Black Evil Eye: protection of your power and prosperity, preparation for the unknown. 
  • Transparent Evil Eye: protection of your clarity, mindfulness, and sanity
Evil Eye Rings -- bold enough to wear individually, cute enough to stack.

How to Protect Yourself With Evil Eye Jewelry

Evil Eye jewelry is a form of protection against the malicious envy of the Evil Eye curse. Due to the extreme misfortune caused by the curse, the invisible positive force provided by the Evil Eye charm is something that many people actively sought after. Being gifted a piece of Evil Eye jewelry is an indication of spiritual protection and a symbol of the love and well-wishes the gifter has for the receiver. 

The Evil Eye charm can be worn on any type of jewelry from necklaces, earrings, rings, and especially bracelets. It is also a featured symbol on some rosaries and other religious items, and a popular keychain amulet or pin. Anything that can be carried with you can possess the Evil Eye charm. Evil Eye jewelry is a common gift for young children and infants, as they can be most vulnerable to the Eye. It is said that commonly carried items should have this piece, allowing protection at all times. You never know when someone will attempt to give you the malicious Evil Eye. 

Blue evil eye jewelry is symbolic of clarity.

Is The Evil Eye Good or Bad?

The Evil Eye itself is a dangerous curse that can be avoided by protecting yourself with the Evil Eye jewelry pieces. 

Evil Eye jewelry brings rejuvenation, relaxation, and peace of mind to those who believe in the superstition of the curse and want to avoid it’s pain at all cost. When anxious times call for protective measures, it can’t hurt to purchase Evil Eye jewelry for a friend or family member that could use a little extra luck and positive energy. 

Whether you believe in the supernatural power of the jewelry pieces or think the curse is a bunch of hocus pocus, taking note of the important history and meaning of Evil Eye jewelry is a sign of respect for the cultures who take it’s protection seriously. It has recently caused controversy, due to the lack of knowledge of the symbol and it’s overuse as a fashion trend. 

Though your culture may not believe in the Evil Eye, we should understand it’s story before following the trend.


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