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The Meaning Behind a Key Necklace

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The Meaning Behind a Key Necklace

When one door closes, another one opens.

Throughout history, keys have not only been known as a tool to lock and unlock doors but also as a symbol of letting go and new beginnings.

Recently, I gave one of my best friends, Arielle, a Key of F Necklace for her birthday. To me, it brings back memories of the past as we lived together for three years during college. We had just moved to New York City at the time and the key is a nod to that first dorm on 27th Street and 7th Avenue at FIT. Fast-forward to the present, and the key is also meant to celebrate the new chapter of her life: turning 30, getting married, working a new job, and moving to Miami. 

No matter the age or occasion, key jewelry makes for thoughtful gifts to toast to all of life’s milestones. 


Our Key of F Necklace also comes in a smaller size that can be worn alone or layered with other pieces.

What is the symbolic meaning of a key?

Throughout history, key pendants have often been given on 21st birthdays and are believed to represent freedom and a bright future ahead. It’s the age where you were considered mature enough to be a key holder to your family’s home. 

In many Far East societies, keys are synonymous with good luck. Wearing a key as a pendant has become a tradition to attract positivity in your life.

There’s also a universal key called a “skeleton key” which is meant to unlock anything you wish for. Some like to think of these as amulets that help open doors to new opportunities.



Just like a key necklace meaning which can be interpreted in many ways, so can these Mini Key of F Earrings.

Our key necklace meaning

When Fortune & Frame founder Gretel Going started designing the key collection, she envisioned the pieces to actually open a mini lock. “I spent literally a year working with people trying to make the latch small enough,” she says.

After sketching designs and creating variations of the key, she eventually let go of the initial intention behind the piece. Instead of making it a working key, she adjusted the style with the tip to be an ‘F’ in the font inspired by the U.S. currency. 

The key doesn’t open a lock but it’s special in another way. “It’s symbolic of the moments when you try to influence the situation so much and you give up, then everything falls into place because it wasn’t in your control,” says Gretel. “I was very aware that this wasn’t just about the lock and key. This was a lesson in my life.” 

The key charm was completed with crystal enamel gems made through stone-in-place casting and is used in several designs from necklaces, earrings, and a ring. 



This key may not come with or open an actual lock, but it's a statement accessory on its own.

What is the spiritual meaning of keys?

One of the most common associations with keys is spirituality. In the Bible, there are references to the key as a symbol of teaching authority and power. 

We like to think that, just like various religions, the spiritual meaning of a key can be unique for everyone. 

Maybe for you, it’s a symbol of trust, wisdom, or opportunities. There’s no limit to how you can interpret it. 

At the end of the day, you get to determine your story.



The key necklace meaning inspired us to create a collection of other key pieces including these Mismatched Key of F Earrings.

My interpretation of a key necklace meaning

To me, a key represents new beginnings. The idea of unlocking a door to something new is equal parts scary and exciting. What I’ve realized recently is how true it is that in order to step into the next chapter, you may have to let go of an old one. 

There’s simply not enough time and energy to carry things that don’t align with your goals if you’re aiming to grow. But change can be a good thing. 

In between significant life moments, there’s often that gray area of the great unknown. It’s when you close one door and are not sure where—and when—the next door will open. The key necklace meaning is my reminder of hope and encouragement during those uncertain times. 

A key may be small in size but it can be large in meaning. What does it mean for you?



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