Wishbone Meaning and Symbolism in Jewelry Tips & Guides

Wishbone Meaning and Symbolism in Jewelry

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Wishbone Meaning and Symbolism in Jewelry

If your family is anything like mine, the wishbone from the Thanksgiving turkey is a huge deal. Once we are able to, we pick two members a year to pull it apart and see who gets the bigger end. The person who gets the bigger piece makes a wish and it is believed that the wish will come true. To me, the history behind wishbone is extremely interesting and something that is often overlooked. By learning the background of the wishbone, it makes it so much more meaningful, especially when wearing it as a jewelry piece. 


The wishbone origin came from bird bones but we believe out 14k Gold-plated version can also help manifest dreams.

Wishbone’s Spiritual Meaning and History

Although we often associate the wishbone with Thanksgiving, legend has it that it actually comes from the Etruscans. If you’ve never heard of the Etruscans before, here’s a brief overview: they are a civilization from ancient Italy and the significance of the wishbone started with the Etruscans’ practice of bird divination. 

Bird divination is when cultures use birds as an object that could make predictions about what was to come. Etruscans would make a wish as they touched the wishbones, but it wasn’t until the Romans began to adopt their culture that the tradition of pulling wishbones apart came into play. The Romans would fight over the wishbone and whoever pulled it and grabbed the longer end would be the winner, meaning their wish would come true. 

The Romans culture went to the British Isles and that is where their version of the wishbone became something that was done frequently. 



Our Wishbone Charm Ring dangles from a gold ring band, so that it flows and sways as you move.

Wishbone Symbolism

Wishbone symbolism is synonymous with luck, hope, and looking forward to the future. 

Wishbones are becoming popular in the fashion world and are often seen on tattoos, jewelry, and accessoriesThe idea of incorporating wishbones into daily fashion is to bring luck and hope with you wherever you go. 


The Meaning of Wishbone Necklaces, Rings and Bracelets Today

The meaning of wishbone jewelry remains similar to an actual wishbone, but of course there are some added meanings and superstitions that go with it. The first thing is that whenever you go to wear your wishbone piece, you should make a wish as you put it on. No matter how small or big the wish is, it’s a way to add your own personal meaning to your jewelry. 

Giving someone wishbone jewelry makes for a thoughtful gift and symbolizes the closeness of the relationship. This can be shown through a wishbone necklace, ring, or bracelet and can be gifted in any relationship — whether it be a significant other, best friend, or sibling. Each piece can be worn and interpreted differently, making it unique. 


Always remember: you determine your story and what each jewelry piece means personally to you.

Our Favorite Wishbone Jewelry Pieces

The name, Fortune & Frame, may give you a hint that all our pieces are designed with good fortune in mind. Our Mismatched Wishbone Earrings are a way to add a little luck into your day while keeping it simple. You can wear both earrings in one ear or mix and match with other earrings to give your own meaning to the jewelry. 

If you need something that you can see throughout the day as a reminder of hope and good fortune, our Wishbone Charm Pendant does just that. This wishbone necklace meaning is to encourage you to not only make a wish for yourself, but to work hard to make that wish come true. 

Another way to keep a wishbone close to you is by wearing our Wishbone Charm Ring. This way, whenever you look down at your hand, you’re reminded of the wish you made and how close you are to achieving it. In other words, our wishbone ring meaning: your life is in your hands and you have the power to make those wishes come true.

These three jewelry pieces serve as small yet powerful reminders.Remember: each time you put them on, make sure to make a wish! 



Style versatility: stack of subtract wishbone jewelry pieces for a maximalist or minimalist look.

How to Wear Wishbone Jewelry

The best part about wishbone jewelry is its versatility. Wishbones can be worn either by themselves or layered with some of your other favorite pieces. You can add in a heart piece to create the meaning of wishing for love or a key piece  to create the meaning of new beginnings. The combinations are endless. 

Another idea is to use a bigger-sized wishbone necklace and use it as a holder for a ring that is too big or needs to be taken off. If it is an engagement ring, this can symbolize that you got what you wished for in terms of love.Wishbone jewelry can be worn however you interpret the symbol and what it means to you. There is no right or wrong way to wear it and it is a great way to encourage yourself to do your best every day. 

Now that you know the origin and significance of a wishbone, what are you waiting for? Make a wish and get ready for it to come true because good luck and fortune is about to come your way. 

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