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How to Choose Jewelry for Your Girlfriend

The most important tip that we will give you is this – make sure you’re picking out meaningful and personalized jewelry.

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You can never go wrong with personalized gifts for your girlfriend, especially when they symbolize love and adoration.

Choosing a Necklace for Your Girlfriend

There’s something so special about a necklace from a boyfriend to a girlfriend. It’s worn close to the heart, is a classic piece of jewelry, and can be filled with so many different meanings. A necklace is the perfect first jewelry gift to give to your girlfriend. There are so many different styles, such as the Sacred Heart Pendant Necklace. Looking for a more custom necklace for your girlfriend? Our fortune-holding pieces were made with this purpose in mind. If you still want to go for a cute heart necklace, but also want to send a message of deep love, the Heart + Arrow Locket Necklace is your go-to piece.

Buying a Bracelet as a Gift for Your Girlfriend

Some of the best jewelry gifts for girlfriends come in the form of a meaningful bracelet. For the minimalistic girlfriend, a Fortune Cookie String Bracelet or a Fortune Cookie Pearl Bracelet. These simple pieces carry big meaning but can be worn with any outfit and are a graceful addition.

Are Earrings a Good Gift for a Girlfriend?

Earrings are a great gift for a girlfriend. Although, it’s very important to make sure that she has her ears pierced before gifting earrings! If her ears aren’t pierced, that would take all the thoughtfulness away from the gift. But, if she has pierced ears, earrings are an extremely meaningful gift for your girlfriend. If she only has a single ear piercing on both ears, you’ll want to go with the Mini Fortune Cookie Studs or Mini Sacred Heart Earrings. This way she can wear them and have the same earring on each ear. If she has a double ear piercing on both ears, you can get a little creative and give her the Mismatched Key of F Earrings or the Mismatched Wishbone Earrings. One of the ways that she can style this is wearing the bigger earring in her first piercing and the smaller one in her second earring.

First Piece of Jewelry for Your Girlfriend

If this is the first piece of jewelry that you are purchasing for your girlfriend, it might be a little nerve wracking! There’s so much to choose from and although you want it to be filled with meaning, you don’t want it to be too extravagant. For a first piece of jewelry, especially if your relationship is on the newer side, you should pick something light and classic. You still want to make sure that it is thoughtful, but you don’t want it to represent something that it’s not.

How to choose jewelry for my girlfriend?

We've made choosing jewelry for your girlfriend easy. No matter the piece or style, there is a way to make it all your own and special to your girlfriend. Our fortune-holding jewelry allows for maximum customization. A message for any occasion or life milestone can be added and always kept close to the wearer. What you can do to make sure that you are picking out the correct jewelry for your girlfriend is to know if she prefers silver or gold, what type(s) she is known to wear, and decide what meaning you want the piece to hold.

Should I get my girlfriend gold or silver?

Silver or gold is usually a personal preference. Take note of what color your girlfriend usually wears, it might even be both! Gold jewelry is known to signify both luck and wealth. When picking out a gift for the start of a new job, a girlfriend who is in need of a lucky charm, or for someone who just excelled in something – gold is the color to go to. As for silver jewelry, silver is said to be representative of emotions, loving, and healing. If you’re buying out of love or maybe your girlfriend just healed or is healing, silver jewelry is the way to go. Since our jewelry is all about your personalization, whichever color you choose can have its own meaning, something unique to your girlfriend.