Jewelry Gifts for Friends

This friendship collection focuses on jewelry pieces that honor meaningful moments between friends.

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one for her and one for you, too.

Fortune cookie string braclets are our version of adult friendship bracelets.



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One of the most unique pieces of jewelry we’ve ever found. Fortune & Frame has created a collection of modern jewelry that holds the messages closest to your heart.

Friendship Jewelry

How will you spoil your best friend with meaningful jewelry ? Will it be with a surprise gift just for her? Or maybe a matching necklace for friends; something to physically represent your mutual love for each other?

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Jewelry for friends is the ultimate gift; it's a token of your long-standing friendship together and a symbolic gesture of appreciation. A friendship necklace or bracelet serves the wearer with a daily reminder of their best friend's love for them. Our take on friendship jewelry is perhaps the most meaningful way of buying jewelry for a friend. Each of our pieces has a deep and sentimental meaning. The Wishbone Charm Necklace represents your most sacred wishes for the wearer's life - and the importance of working to achieve them. Our Fortune Cookie Jewelry is a nod to getting the right message at the right time - and many of the messages life sends to us comes through friends.

Matching Necklaces and Bracelets for Friends

Friends around the world honor their unique bonds in the form of old-school matching necklaces and bracelets. Instead of a classic ‘Best Friend’ pendant or charm, our silver and gold best friend jewelry is deeply personal; an ode to your unique bond as friends. Matching message lockets are a popular trend amongst friends around the world. Our personalized jewelry pieces make the perfect matching necklaces for friends. You can stash your most bonding messages or favorite quotes in these cute friendship necklaces for 2. Add song lyrics, personal memories, private jokes or a secret message to each other.

Gold Jewelry for Friends

If you or your bestie are looking for gold jewelry then you really are spoiled for choice. Choose from a gold engraved bracelet that holds our favorite life-long inspirational quotes or our charm earrings that feature a delicate gold charm that moves as you do.

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