Happy Friend Anniversary Quotes and Wishes Tips & Guides

Happy Friend Anniversary Quotes and Wishes

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Happy Friend Anniversary Quotes and Wishes

Time can play a huge role in friendships. 

You may have met someone a year ago and felt an instant “click” on your first friend date. All of the sudden, they’re the one you talk to about anything and everything — from the kind of salad you had for lunch to your biggest goals in life. 

Or maybe you’re celebrating a ten-year friendship anniversary with your high school bestie and everytime you’re together, you reminisce on memories from way back when. Maybe they’re still the first ones you turn to for advice and vice versa.

No matter the stage in your friendship, it’s worth celebrating. 

Since every bond is unique, the words you choose to express to them may differ depending on your relationship. In this post, we’re sharing friendship anniversary quotes for every kind of friend in your life.




Kind of like marriage anniversaries and work anniversaries, friendship anniversaries (or friendiversary, for short) commemorates the first day of an event. 

In this case, it’s acknowledging the first moment you became friends. Of course, it can be tricky to nail down the exact date because unlike a wedding or work start date, there’s no formal day you become friends with someone. 

Good thing there are no rules to setting friendiversary dates, so think of it as the first fun moment you shared with your bestie. If you need help remembering, scroll through the photos in your camera roll. Perhaps you’ll find your first selfie together or a snapshot of an adventure you two took last summer. 

Once you have your friendiversary date, write it down on your calendar so you remember to celebrate it again next year! 


Just how do you say “happy friendship anniversary” to your best friend in a meaningful way? 

The key is to make it personal. Write or choose a message that isn’t like one you would give another friend. Think about what connects you both (maybe an inside joke or common interest). 

Read through previous text messages, have new conversations, and weave in different elements of their personality to write an anniversary wish to a friend.


There are plenty of anniversary for friends quotes on the internet that you can spend hours going through. To make that process easier and save you time, we’ve curated our favorite ones and categorized them according to theme.

Whether you want to send an anniversary SMS for a friend that’s short and sweet or a funny one that will make them laugh, you’re in the right place.

Feel free to personalize these quotes even further by adding their name or changing the phrasing to how it best makes sense to celebrate your friendship. 


Happy Best Friend Anniversary Quotes

  • “It seemed they had always been, and would always be, friends. Time could change much, but not that.” —Winnie the Pooh
  • "We have been together in everything we do. I know never shall I find a friend so true."
  • “Love is flower-like. Friendship is like a sheltering tree.” —Samuel Taylor Coleridge

  • “We come from homes far from perfect, so you end up almost parent and sibling to your friends—your own chosen family.” —Jennifer Aniston
  • “A friendship like ours is priceless. Happy Friendship Anniversary.”
  • “Many people walk in and out of your life, but only true friends leave footprints in your heart.” —Eleanor Roosevelt
  • “True friends grow with you as you go through different stages in life. Thank you for growing with me through mine. I love you. Happy friendship anniversary.”


Happy Monthsary Greetings for Friends

Happy 1 month friendship anniversary wishes:

  • “There’s not a word yet, for old friends who’ve just met.” —Jim Henson
  • “I am fortunate to have met you.”
  • I count myself so lucky to have crossed your path. You are such a great friend.”
  • “We may have just met but I can tell you’re one in a million. Happy friendship anniversary!”
  • “It's the friends we meet along the way that help us appreciate our journey.”
  • “The 30 days with you by my side have felt like a lifetime. Happy one month anniversary!”
  • “This is just the beginning of a lifelong friendship! Happy one month anniversary, bestie.”


Happy Year of Friendship Wishes

One year friendship anniversary wishes:

  • “I love the day I met you.”

  • Your coming my way is one good fortune I will treasure all my life. Cheers to one year. “
  • “Walking through life with you has been the best experience of my life. Happy one year of being great friends.”
  • “Your friendship is a special gift. Generously given. Happily accepted. And deeply appreciated.”
  • “Two things you will never have to chase: True friends and true love.” —Mandy Hale
  • “You brought out the best in me. Now, I am stuck with you. Thank you for one year of knowing the best friendship ever.”
  • “Things are never quite as scary when you’ve got a best friend.” —Bill Watterson


Happy Milestone Friendiversary Quotes

Happy 2 years friendship anniversary quotes (these can also be for longer friendships):

  • "I'm still amazed and happy you are there with me.”
  • “Everyone has a friend during each stage of life. But only lucky ones have the same friend in all stages of life.”
  • “You are the one who brings out the best in me. Cheers to our decade of friendship!”
  • “Longtime friends are family we choose.” —Patrick Regan
  • All I need is a friend like you. Happy 10 years of friendship to us.”
  • “Long friendships are like jewels, polished over time to become beautiful and enduring.” —Celia Brayfield
  • True friends are closest to the heart and you are the closest to mine. Happy Friendship Anniversary!”


Funny Anniversary Quotes for Friends

Funny anniversary quotes to friends:

  • “You’re my Nemo. If you get lost in the great, big ocean, I’ll find you.”

  • "Most of us don’t need a psychiatric therapist as much as a friend to be silly with." —Robert Brault
  • “It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them." —Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Best friends know how crazy you are and still choose to be seen with you in public.”
  • “Friends are the chocolate chips in the cookie of life.”
  • “We’ll be the old ladies causing trouble in the nursing homes.”
  • “We’ll be best friends forever because you already know too much.”


Short Whatsapp and SMS Messages for Friends

Short greetings to send to your bestie via text:

  • “Me and you against the world.”
  • “I'm so lucky to have you in my life!”
  • “You and me for life.”

  • “You’re the absolute best.”
  • “I don’t know what I would do without you.”
  • “You make my life so much brighter.”
  • “Thank you for being like family to me.”

How do you celebrate a friendship anniversary?

Now that you have the right best friend anniversary quotes, place the greetings in a handwritten card or say them in person to your best friend. 

You can even take it a step further and plan a happy friendiversary anniversary celebration. 

A few ideas…

  • Recreate a fun memory that you two bonded over
  • Have a picnic at the park
  • Spend a day binge watching your favorite movies
  • Do a paint and wine class together
  • Go on a road trip to a new place
  • Get manis and pedis at your favorite spa
  • Volunteer at a worthy cause
  • Have a sleepover (because you’re never too old for one!)

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