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Letter Necklaces
By Fortune & Frame

We've transformed the font found on U.S. currency into letter necklaces, so that you can channel in your own personal fortune.

Our gold initial necklaces have subtle Mother of Pearl enamel detailing along the side, while our silver letter necklaces have a striking strip of black onyx. On the back of each letter pendant is our signature wave design, engraved as a sign of authenticity.

Each alphabet charm sits on a twisted bar chain to complete the art deco jewelry look.

These letter pendants are intended as forms of self expression for yourself or gifts for the women in your life.

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The Story Behind Our Letter Necklaces

We set out to create the most meaningful jewelry pieces in the world, each with its own unique storytelling potential, personalized to the wearer. As part of our Words & Letters Collection, our initial letter necklaces represent the building blocks that come together to create the wearer’s personal narrative These gold letter pendants are equal parts self-expression and everyday fashion.

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How to wear Letter Necklace Pendants

Our letter pendants are bold enough to be worn as standalone statement gold initial necklaces yet dainty enough to be layered in a set with our book necklace or book bracelet. When layering necklaces, our gold letter necklace’s twisty chains make sure that they don’t get lost in even the most whimsical necklace stack. Initial charm necklaces are worn by women around the world as a way to express themselves or honor the important moments and people in their lives. Oh, and don’t forget to include the unity ‘&’ necklace -- it’s our nod to unity over separation. We believe the world is a better place when people come together, rather than remain apart.

What initial should you get on a necklace?

The initial you get on your necklace depends entirely on how you want to express yourself and the story you want to tell. Women across the world are wearing their own initials or the initials of their children. Our initial necklaces all come with an adjustable twisted bar chain, which means their perfect for stacking. You can wear multiple necklaces for each child, or you can include your own initial along with your partners.

When is it appropriate to give a letter necklace?

The freedom given by Initial necklaces means you can choose any letter that means something to you. A couple of initial necklaces can help be used as an expression of love in long distance relationships, giving the wearer the chance to keep their loved ones close. Initial necklaces also make an excellent gift for new moms, honoring their new role as a mother and the desire to keep children close to the heart.

How to keep the letter necklace from tangling?

If you’re stacking necklaces or store jewelry together, you’ll want to protect the delicate gold chains from tangling. Preventing tangling when wearing necklaces is as simple as styling them carefully, with different chain lengths. This way, the letter pendant will fall with spacing in between each letter necklace.