Shown Here: Three jewelry box inserts filled with various Fortune & Frame lockets, necklaces, bracelets and rings to demonstrate jewelry organization Tips & Guides

Tips on Organizing and Storing Jewelry

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Shown Here: Three jewelry box inserts filled with various Fortune & Frame lockets, necklaces, bracelets and rings to demonstrate jewelry organization

Organizing can be a high-maintenance act—especially when it comes to dainty objects like jewelry. If you’ve ever experienced a tangled mess of necklace chains or missing earring backs, you likely know how much of a headache jewelry organization can be. 

But organizing and storing jewelry can actually save you time in the long run. If you can easily see your bracelets laid out in one spot every morning, you can avoid wasting that extra five minutes a day looking for one to match your outfit before hitting the door.


This clear jewelry box was a Christmas gift from my best friend, Arielle. Now, it stores all things Fortune & Frame.

What’s more, is you’ll keep your items in better condition if everything has a designated home rather than being mixed in with a pile of other miscellaneous goods. Your jewelry will also last much longer so you can even feel good about passing down jewelry with meaning to family members as heirlooms one day.

Best of all, having a clean space can be a calming activity that can help you lead to a clearer mindset and get out of a negative headspace. The benefits to organization are endless, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Read on for our easy, actionable guide on organization tips and jewelry storage solutions.

P.S. you can make this fun by blasting your favorite music and having a glass of rosé or your favorite drink while cleaning. Cheers to your jewelry organization party!


When all of your jewelry is visible, you're more likely to wear it (and remember which pieces you own). 


First, gather all the jewelry you own into one place. Do you have your grandmother’s earrings in one little box tucked away in a drawer, and a collection of rings scattered around your room? Now’s the time to bring them all together and take note of everything you have.

You might be surprised that you have more than you expected. Organizing can remind you of pieces you forgot about. It’s like finding treasure in your own space. 

Next, create a “keep” section and “donate” section. Go through everything and think about whether or not it’s worth taking up space. 

Now that your edited selection is all set, it’s time to compartmentalize. You can do this in a few ways: doing so by style (rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces), color, or occasion (ask yourself: is this piece something you’ll wear to work or a night out?). Separate these pieces into different piles and let’s move on to the next step.


Compartmentalizing your jewelry pieces is key to keeping it easy to find and tangle-free.


Before diving into jewelry storage solutions, designate a main spot for all of your jewelry, if you haven’t already. Maybe it’s one set drawer, or a spot on your vanity, dresser, or bookshelf.

Now comes the fun part: putting it all together. There are countless ways to organize your jewelry, such as using...


Did you know? Each one of our storybook gift boxes includes an extra fortune in a mini envelope inside.


Depending on your jewelry, the piece might come with its own jewelry box or protective packaging. For example, every one of our Fortune & Frame personalized lockets comes in a custom-designed storybook gift box. Our earrings come with a similar story booklet, which is a slightly thinner version of the box. The reason why it’s great to keep these in their original packaging is that the sizing of it is made to fit—and protect—that exact piece. 


If your jewelry collection grows over time, you can just add another stack to this "box" .


I came across this while visiting the organizational wonderland that is the Container Store. What’s genius about this Stackers Dusky Blue Jewelry Box is that it’s customizable. At first glance, it appears as if it’s one piece but you can actually remove each stack and easily access your studs or charm bracelet. With a plush interior velvet, your pieces will be stored safe and sound. 


If you're constantly on the go with your jewelry, this monogrammed travel case will keep all your pieces safe.


If you’re the type who’s always en route somewhere, this Mark & Graham Small Travel Jewelry Case is for you. Sure, you can use it at home, but it doubles as an essential that you can tuck into suitcases and carry-ons. The squared zippered case is durable on the outside and soft on the inside. You can even get your initials monogrammed in a shadow print. Store a small selection of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings with ease.



Display your jewelry pieces on this double T-bar style stand. After all, jewelry is a form of (wearable) art.

This Pottery Barn Teen Ava Frosted Acrylic Double Bar Jewelry Stand keeps those bracelets and necklaces tangle-free. It has a frosted acrylic finish so it can match a variety of decor styles. If you’re looking for a fun way to show off your jewelry instead of hiding them away, go for this option. 



This organizer is multi-functional: in addition to holding jewelry, it's a decor piece and features a mirror.

How do you organize jewelry in a small space? Instead of adding more items to your drawer or tabletops, opt for a wall unit instead. This gold Anthropologie Idris Jewelry Organizer is one of the best necklace storage ideas since it has plenty of hooks. There's a place for every type of chain length so you can see which necklaces are stackable together. You can hang up your gems where you can see them, and likely wear them more as a result. 



A picture is worth a thousand words, and apparently, so are earrings. Store and organize them in this eye-catching frame.

As for earring storage ideas, look to this Mocohana Vintage Jewelry Frame from Amazon. The inside of the frame is made with a thick-padded linen fabric so you can poke your earrings into them and never lose a pair again. The frame itself is composed of sturdy plywood—display it vertically or horizontally as another piece of art. 



Small but mighty. These ring dishes can go a long way for keeping your rings organized.

Have a couple of rings that you wear every day? Since you use these pieces more often than other special occasion ones, it makes sense to place them in a more easily accessible spot. A mini dish makes a great ring holder as it doesn’t require you to take an extra step to open a jewelry drawer, or worse, forget where you’ve placed it. This Crate and Barrel Grey Paisley Ceramic Ring Dish can easily live on top of your bedside table and hold your most-worn rings. 


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