Why I Wear

"Analyze Only When Necessary"

Why I Wear

If you were to step outside right now and randomly speak to the first person you saw, chances are pretty high they would have one with them—or they could tell you where their fortune is, what it says, and why they held onto it instead of leaving it on the table with the fortune cookie wrapper. 

We put this theory to the test on a summer day in Madison Square Park in New York City by asking perfect strangers if they keep their fortunes, and if so, what their fortune says.  Here’s one of our favorites. 

F&F: Do you keep your fortunes from a fortune cookie or something?

Guy: Let’s see, maybe I do.

F&F: No way. 

Guy: I might. I don’t know. There might be one tucked in here. I do keep them on my desk at work. One is like, “Analyze only when necessary.”

And another one is about risk or something…like, it seems like a risk, but it’s good. You know, it’s a fail. Something like that. So, yeah, I do keep them.

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