"Sparkle on": A Master Class In Turning A Negative Into A Positive
Meet Meghan Koziel, a breast cancer survivor and mother of two, whose ability to "sparkle on" no matter what she's going through on the outside has inspired women around the world.
"Success is not final. Failure is not fatal."
Meet Natasha Brown, an Atlanta-based mother of 5 who has transformed her father's inspirational words into a life motto.
"I can either laugh or cry. I try to choose laughter"
Meet Mary Wassner, a NYC-based mommy blogger and mother of three. Read on to learn more about the animal cracker moment that turned into the life mantra she now wears inside her locket.
“Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had.”
Meet Wynne, an LA-based mom of two and digital content creator, who somehow made the time to sit through 5 quick-fire questions with us to tell us more about herself and the words she wears inside her heart locket.
"We Need to Talk"
Meet Julie Thomas. After years of teaching about emotional resilience, Julie shares discoveries that will change your life. Plus, her collection of highly personal, handmade fortunes.
"You have always been so much more than a nagging wife..."
One of the most heartwarming Christmas stories we didn't even know we were a part of.
“You attract what you're ready for.”
Fortunes have always spoken to me. The right message has always found me at exactly the right time. I began building my current collection during my divorce. 
My Story: "There are many paths to the top of the mountain, but only one view."
People often share the stories behind the words they wear with us. Now we're bringing their intimate and inspirational stories to you in our new series: Why I Wear. Before we ask other people to share their stories, I'll share mine.
"Get lost in the right direction." My Journey Back to NYC.
As many experience mixed emotions around heading back to school, Wendy Sy of Style Meets Story explores her feelings about heading back to NYC after nearly 6 months at her childhood home.
"If you don't have the will, I will find a way."
We love receiving notes from customers sharing what their messages mean to them. Here's one we received right after the New Year.
"Analyze Only When Necessary"
We have a theory that everyone in the world is holding onto—or has held onto—a fortune. Okay, maybe not everyone. And maybe not the whole world. But a lot of people.