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How to Celebrate a 5-Year Work Anniversary

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A Deco Fortune Locket (Onyx) that has a fortune that reads

Celebrating a 5 year work anniversary is no small feat. 5 years of working at the same company shows dedication and determination. The employee is someone who has always been a team player and puts their best foot forward in all that they do. 

Companies should help employees celebrate their 5-year work anniversary. Employees who have dedicated so much of their time and effort, deserve to feel special for the day. Get everyone from your team together and brainstorm ways to make the work anniversary memorable!

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Organize a Team Party

What better what to celebrate an office anniversary than to organize and throw a team party? You can either throw a team party in or out of the office – it all depends on the amount of time you have and your budget. 

You can organize a team party at a restaurant or small venue if you have a higher budget. A team party at a restaurant can take place off the clock and give you a little more time to celebrate.

With a smaller budget or less time, you can throw a small team party at the office! You can cater lunch, order a pizza, and even get a cake. It is easy enough to set up in a break room or someone’s office. Bonus points if you can decorate the employee of honor's office before they enter. 

A team party is a great way to show appreciation and allow the employee who you are celebrating to have fun. No one will ever turn down a team party!

Gift a Memorable Experience

A gift doesn’t always have to be an object - it can also be an experience. If your employee is one who is hard to shop for or enjoys living in the moment, you can gift an experience. There are so many different events and locations that make for the perfect “gift.” 

Is your employee a fan of a certain artist? You can see if there are any upcoming shows and get them concert tickets! They can experience their favorite music live while being appreciated for all the hard work that they put in. Make sure to get them a pair of tickets - going alone is no fun! 

Now, no amount of money that you raise in the office will be able to buy your co-worker a car. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t gift them the experience of driving their dream car. Through DriveShare.com, you can gift a co-worker the experience of driving their dream car. Whether it’s a 1955 Roll-Royce or a 2019 McLaren, this is an experience they’ll appreciate. 

Looking to gift someone a thrilling experience? Are they a daredevil? If so, you can gift them the experience of indoor skydiving. What’s a better way to celebrate 5 years than skydiving? Send your employee out on a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Send a Handwritten Note


A handwritten letter is a more meaningful way to wish someone a 5-year work anniversary than just an e-mail or text. Pictured Secret Diary Book Bracelet (Pearl)

There’s something about receiving a handwritten note that is so much more meaningful than a text. A handwritten letter shows that someone took time out of their day and did not write it in a rush. This type of letter is also more personalized and thoughtful. 

A handwritten note is also special because you either have to hand deliver it or send it through the mail. These options are much more exciting than opening up a message on your phone or computer. It’s more of a surprise and it’s a physical letter that you can actually open. 

Give a Unique Gift

Of course, giving a gift is an acceptable way to celebrate a work anniversary. Although, you do want to make sure that it is something unique. In this scenario, the term unique means a personalized gift. This could include a meaningful date or highlighting an accomplishment.

Personalized jewelry is a great gift to celebrate your employee as an individual. Tell their story through a Secret Diary Book Locket. Inside of this locket, you can customize a fortune that includes words (or numbers!) of your choice. When it comes to a 5-year work anniversary, there are a few different ways to highlight this accomplishment. 


Throughout the 5 years that your employee has been at the company, think of important dates to them. Whether it was their first day of work or the end date of their first project, they will have a meaningful date. 

You can put this meaningful date on a fortune and place it inside of the fortune-holding jewelry piece. This honors the date of importance and how much they've accomplished in the past five years. 


Sometimes a small saying can go a long way. It can serve as a reminder that all the hard work put in throughout the years has made an impression. Placing a quote in a Between the Lines Fortune Locket allows them to wear their accomplishments and share them with the world. 

  • You are an essential part of our family, and we are all really impressed with your work and commitment so far. Have a wonderful Work Anniversary!
  • Thanks for everything you have done for all of us. Your hard work and dedication have paid off!
  • Your hard work and dedication are vital to the success of our organization. Thank you for many wonderful years of service!
  • ‍You understand the company culture and values really well. Thank you for making us what we are. We wish you a happy work anniversary.

Individual Accomplishments 

Are there any big moments that this employee has accomplished? If so, incorporate them into a gift!  

If you have any images of all the accomplishments, you can make a collage of pictures. This highlights all those important moments during the past five years and can be a fun keepsake! It’s a meaningful gift that is personal and unique. 

Dinner on the House

Whether you cater dinner or go out to dinner, make sure it's on the house for the employee of honor. Dinner on the house is not only thoughtful, but it also makes a celebration of the work anniversary! You can use this time to acknowledge who you are celebrating. Bring up their achievements and what they bring to the company.

Invite other co-workers and team members to the dinner! This makes for a fun event and includes others in on the celebration! The more the merrier.

Social Media Shout-Out


A social media shout-out is a fun way to recognize an employee's 5-year anniversary! 

Social media shout-outs are a special way to let the whole world know about a work anniversary! You can create an employee spotlight on your feed or in your stories to show off the employee of the day. 

In this social media post, make sure you include some information about the employee. Let your followers know their job titles, daily tasks, and what they have accomplished. You want everyone to know about them! 

Your post should have a fun graphic and image element. This shouldn’t be a plain post that people want to skip over, it should be appealing and enticing. 

Create a Company Team Video

Have anyone who can edit videos on the team? If so, a video project may be the perfect gift for your employee. You can make this video about anything you want - as long as it posts on the person you’re celebrating! 

One idea for a team video is having each team member record themselves saying a short message. This message can be memories, saying "Congratulations!", or even wishing the employee well. After you have collected the videos, you can edit them together. Make sure to add some music, and present it on the day of the 5-year work anniversary. 

If you want something a little more simple, you can make a slideshow of photos from throughout the years. Include your employee's favorite song in the background. This may be a little easier to make, but it still says the same message. 

Help Them Start a Hobby on Their Bucket List


A great gift is something to help an employee get started on their bucket list hobbies!

There’s no time like the present for someone to start a hobby that’s been on their bucket list! Sometimes, everyone needs the extra little push to get started. No matter what their bucket list is, help them get started with a hobby! 

If they want to start a podcast, help them get set up. It doesn't even have to be a physical object.  If you know someone who has a successful podcast, help them make that connection. They will greatly appreciate whatever you can do to get them set up and started. 

By helping them start a hobby, you also show them an example of a good work-life balance. Show them that you appreciate all the hard work they put in, but also acknowledge that they should have time for their own lives and passion projects.

Offer a Wellness Getaway

After 5 years of hard work, they deserve a wellness getaway! Treat your employee to a getaway where they have nothing else on their mind and have time to relax. You can either offer them a wellness getaway to an actual location or let them take a few wellness days. 

Whichever one they pick, make sure that you help them find dates that they can use as wellness days and honor them. If they chose to not go away, you can make up a wellness basket for them on their days off. This can include tea, face masks, and diffusers. 

Promote Them

Promoting your employee is one of the top ways to celebrate their 5-year work anniversary! Give them the gift of a brand-new title and well-earned responsibility. Also on top of the promotion, you can also give their salary a raise. Nothing says “we appreciate you!” but helping them move up the ladder. 

If the employee is ready for a promotion, this honor goes further than any gift could. It is proof that they are putting in effort and succeeding in what they do. A promotion is also indicative of how much the employee brings to the company.


A promotion is one of the best ways to celebrate a 5-year anniversary! Pictured Polygon Lariat Locket (Gold)

New Office Equipment

Chances are if your employee has been working at the company for 5 years, their office equipment is starting to see some wear and tear. Take this opportunity to get them some new office equipment! Maybe it’s time for a new work laptop or a brand new desk. Whatever it is, it’s a great surprise! 

New office equipment makes sure that your employee's work spot is comfortable and up-to-date. Both are essential when it comes to producing top-quality work! The new equipment will help your employee further their career. 

Increase Vacation Days

Encourage your employee to take a vacation to celebrate all their hard work! Increase their vacation days and allow them to go on the trip of their dreams. A little extra rest and relaxation never hurt anyone!

Increasing vacation days helps prevent employees from getting burnt out, which is important. Allow them to have the best work-life balance possible. Even though work is important, they deserve to have time with their family and friends too!


Why is Celebrating Work Anniversaries Important?

Celebrating work anniversaries cultivates healthy company culture and shows appreciation for employees. It’s a demonstration that you care about your employees and take the time to recognize them. Because of this, employees feel seen and feel like they matter to the company. 


It’s important to celebrate milestone achievements throughout your employee’s careers. The best part is, there are so many different ways that you can do so! No matter what personality or interests they have, there is a way to make sure the celebration is personalized and meaningful.

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