The Perfect Gifts for Book Lovers Day
Make this Book Lovers Day more special with our unique book jewelry and customize it with a fortune that has your favorite book quote. All book lovers are sure to fall in love with these lockets.
Capsule Jewelry Collection for your Capsule Wardrobe

These pieces are a great start for creating your own capsule jewelry collection to compliment your capsule wardrobe. Minimal, versatile, and it makes choosing your outfit for the day an actual breeze. Perfect pieces for any day to go anywhere.

International Friendship Day Gift Guide
Friends are an absolute blessing who accepts you just the way you are. Return the blessing by going through our gift guide and getting them something that shows just how special they are to you.
Zodiac Jewelry Essentials: The Leo Collection
We’re entering Leo season, which means it’s the perfect time to dress according to your astrology. Here are zodiac jewelry essentials that all Leos will love just as much as we do.
2023 Summer Jewelry Trends You Need To Follow
Summer 2023 is all about jewelry, and this year holds some of the most creative jewelry trends yet. From bold chains to minimalistic layering, try any of these new takes on accessorizing this summer to stay up to date with the latest trends.
Accessorize like Barbie: F&F Style
We’ve curated a list of perfectly pink pieces to honor the Barbie Movie that’s coming out–F&F Style. Get a piece that Barbie herself would approve of and get ready to watch the movie once it hits theaters.
25 Quotes to Help You Through the Journey of Life

The journey of life comes with endless twists and turns. We come across so many challenges that it sometimes blurs what our destination was. But as all of these quotes state, the journey and what you do in it, matters more than the destination itself. 

Zodiac Jewelry Essentials: The Cancer Collection
It’s Cancer season! These loveable water signs are known for their warm hearts, caring nature, and patience. In order to help you channel your energy this month, we’ve curated zodiac jewelry essentials that are perfect for every Cancer.
The Perfect Accessory for Pride
Have an outfit ready for Pride but don’t know what to accessorize it with? Check out this fortune locket that just might be the piece you were looking for to bring your outfit all together and turn heads.
50 Quotes for Long Distance Friendships

Best friends are one of a kind. You spend so much time together that they practically become family. Sometimes, they have to move for a number of reasons. One thing is certain though, no matter how many miles apart you will always be best friends.

The Eras Tour (F&F's Version)
Taylor Swift is currently on her Eras Tour. Seeing as we have some fans in the office, we thought we’d bring in all ten different styles of our Fortune Lockets to match a song from each of her ten albums.
Gifts for the Different Personalities in Your Life
Every group of friends always have several different personalities. We’ve curated a list of gifts to help you choose the perfect one for your bestie.
Gifts for Grandma
Grandmothers are all different but they all come together in one cause: to spoil their grandkids. We think they deserve to be spoiled too - read on to see what to get your grandma to show how much you cherish them.
What is a Secret Fortune Candle?
It’s not a secret anymore… These all new Secret Fortune Candles burn to reveal a meaningful message inside.
The Jewelry Gift Guide for Every Minimalist
Use our minimalist jewelry guide to learn the best gifts for your friends and loved ones who like to keep it simple.
Bye-bye Finger Swelling
Finger swelling happens. Check out some of the reasons for why your fingers may be getting swollen and what kind of rings you should wear to prevent it.
How to Style the Evil Eye Gift Set
Activate the power of your evil eye's with these tips on how to style the Evil Eye Gift Set.
2023 Spring Jewelry Trends & Tips to Style Them
We are sharing the newest 2023 Spring jewelry trends and some inspiration on how to style your pieces for the season.