Why I Wear

"I can either laugh or cry. I try to choose laughter"

Why I Wear


I’m the mom of three beautiful children, Brycen 12, Brinkley 10 and Brent 5, and love raising them in Downtown Manhattan. After working for numerous large fashion companies and raising my kids I decided to launch the lifestyle mommy blog over three years ago.



I was born in Arizona. I’m a middle child... We moved a lot growing up because my father was a Major in the Air Force. I moved to NYC for college when I was 18 and never left! I have now lived in downtown Manhattan for the last 12 years.  


I am super passionate about art and creativity! It really is what drives me. I love incorporating the kids into everything I do... It's the reason I started my blog because I craved a creative outlet. But my number one reason for life is my family. I love raising my kids and I can never get enough. I don't know what I will do next year when they are all back in school full time.  I will miss all the family time...



I love fashion and miss getting dressed up like I used to to go to events and dinners... But when I wear this locket it really makes me feel so good and beyond its beauty, I love the meaning and the message.


I absolutely love the message in my locket... It really is so meaningful and something I will cherish. Something I always tell myself in hard or challenging moments is "I can either laugh or cry... I try to always choose laughter"... When my oldest son was a baby (he's 12 now) I remember the moment that this thought came into my head. I could either get upset and mad at what my cute little crazy toddler had done, or I could laugh with him and enjoy the moment. He had been in his room quiet for what felt like forever (probably only 10 mins or so) and I was getting dressed in the other room. And when I walked over to check on him, he had dumped the entire thing of animal crackers all over the floor and was having a blast stomping on them. It was a pivotal moment in motherhood for me. That day I chose to laugh! And never regretted it…


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