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How to Choose Your Bridal Jewelry

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The big day is almost here! You bought your dress, you booked your venue, and your bridal party is all set to go. Everyone talks about the makeup and the dress, but no one talks about the jewelry. Picking out jewelry for your wedding may be scary. You want to look your best and you want it all to be about the dress. The fear that your jewelry may take over your dress shouldn’t stop you. In fact, wearing jewelry will add to your own personal style.

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Choose Your Style

Choosing your style is the most important step. Your dress, the theme of your wedding, or even your own personal style may determine this. You want to make sure that all the jewelry goes well together and doesn’t clash.

If you’re going for more of a dainty look - you want to make sure all your pieces are dainty. Aim for dainty necklaces and bracelets of the same color metal. All the same color metal makes for a synchronous, elegant look. 

If you want your jewelry to stand out, don’t be afraid to go with statement pieces. Here you have a little more freedom with the metals. Although, you still want to find metals that match each other and your dress.

These are only suggestions. Your style can be whatever you want it to be. Your wedding is your day.

Think About Your Neckline


Wedding dresses all have different types of necklines. The necklace you chose should depend on your neckline for the greatest effect and looks. 

If you’re wearing a dress with a high or illusion neckline you’re going to want to leave out a necklace. Since the neckline takes up a lot of space, there isn’t a lot of room for a necklace. If the necklace overlaps with the dress, it may not match or will take away from the dress. You’re better off with a nice pair of earrings and a bracelet.

If you’re wearing an off-the-shoulder dress, you have a lot of freedom when it comes to necklaces. Whether you want to go with a choker or a collarbone length necklace is up to you. But thanks to the intricacy of the sleeves, you can go with only earrings and a bracelet.

If you’re wearing a v-neckline, you’re going to want to pick a necklace that goes with the v-shape. You can pick a necklace that has a drop and a pendant. This lariat style matches the shape of the neckline and compliments it. You can also go for a collar-style necklace, but you want to make sure that it draws attention downwards.

If you’re wearing a sweetheart neckline, you’ll want to wear a collar-style necklace. Since a sweetheart neckline is strapless, you’ll have more room to decorate. Although, this type of neckline looks best when it’s paired with a piece that isn’t too much. A nice collar necklace gives you extra glam but doesn’t overpower your dress. Aim for something dainty, yet noticeable. 

A straight across neckline is strapless, but the neckline differs from a sweetheart. A nice touch is a necklace that is collar bone length. You can add in some color with this necklace, but try not to add too much. If your piece is too noticeable, it will look more like dress-up jewelry, as opposed to jewelry for your wedding day. 

A scoop necklace gives you the option to either go without a necklace or one that is shorter in length. Although this is simple, you can pair it with matching earrings to give your look more of a “pop.” 

These are only some of the many different necklines that a wedding dress may have. You may have to mix and match a few pieces before finding the perfect combination that goes with your dress. Also, sometimes less is more. If you don’t like how a necklace is looking with your neckline, you can always omit it.

Match Your Accessories to Your Bridal Look

Pictured Cross Pendant (Pearl)

Jewelry for your wedding day should correlate with your full bridal look. You want to make sure that everything looks in place and is matching. Unless you are going for a bold look, you want your accessories to all fit in with each other. 

There's so much more than only the dress on your wedding day. You want to make sure that you are matching your jewelry with all your other accessories.

The first thing that you want to consider (after the dress), is the type of veil that you are wearing. Your veil will be matching your dress already, making it a little easier. When it comes to bridal jewelry, you want to make sure that it doesn’t interfere with your veil. With a longer veil, don’t be afraid to wear longer earrings. This keeps them visible and not hidden. 

Chances are, you’re going to have a clutch or some sort of small handbag to hold all your belongings. Even though this will be one of the least seen accessories, you may still want it to fit into your theme. If you have a plain clutch, dress it up with a nice bracelet. If your clutch is much more intricate, wear a simple bracelet. This will make sure it isn’t as flashy in your hands. 

Shoes are another accessory that you you want to think about when it comes to your bridal look. Often, shoes won’t be super visible on your wedding day since you have a long dress. You may want to consider how your shoes will look in pictures if you plan on having them shown A popular bridal picture is all the accessories together – shoes included. You can never go wrong with an elegant heel. This makes it easy to match your accessories along with it. 

If you don’t think that jewelry matches your overall bridal look, you don’t have to incorporate it. Your look is all up to you and you don’t have to add in anything that feels unnatural. How you match your bridal accessories is all according to your own likes and dislikes.

Select the Perfect Bridal Earrings


Pictured Jeweled Heart Earrings, Mismatched Wishbone Earrings, and Mismatched Sacred Heart Earrings

When it comes to selecting bridal earrings, you should take hairstyle into consideration. Your hairstyle and length are what will determine how visible your earrings are. 

If you have shorter hair or are going for an up-do, studs are the perfect look. They are visible and add enough of a touch. You can either wear small dainty studs or a pair with bigger stones.

For longer hair, a nice pair of drop earrings will make sure that they’re seen. You have more freedom to wear earrings that sick out since you want them to be visible. Don’t let them hidden behind your hair!

Add a Bracelet to Your Look

Adding a bracelet to your wedding look is a great way to add to your style. It is also much easier to match than other pieces of jewelry. 

If you’re wearing a dress with short sleeves, you’re in luck. Since the bracelet and dress don’t “meet,” you don’t have to worry about any major clashing. You can go with a simple gold or silver chain with a stone or even a simple cuff bracelet. 

A dress with long sleeves doesn’t need a bracelet to be complete, especially if it goes to the wrist area. If you don’t want to worry about clashing or having too much in one spot, you can omit the bracelet.

Simple Wedding Jewelry: Less is More


Pictured Gold Polygon Lariat Locket

The saying less is more is true when it comes to wedding jewelry. The main “attraction” of the wedding is the dress. And it should be. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t wear jewelry, but it’s more important that the dress gets its big moment. This minimalistic approach also allows you to be more natural and yourself on your big day. 

If your dress has intricate detailing, you may also want to follow the less is more rule. This prevents anything from clashing and taking away from the dress. If you have detail on your dress, you picked it for a reason! So let it shine!

Wearing simple wedding jewelry allows you to feel dressed up but looks well together. This is a great option to give you that extra charm, but not to go too far overboard.

Should My Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring Match My Wedding Jewelry?

Engagement rings and wedding rings do not need to match the rest of your jewelry exactly. Although, there’s a good chance that they will be similar. Since those two rings are now going to get worn every day, there’s likely to be a hint (or more) of your style already in the ring.

If the metals of your wedding ring, engagement ring, and wedding jewelry you chose don’t match, that’s okay. Make sure that it all works together, but don’t worry about everything matching perfectly.

It might be tempting to follow the trends you see on social media, but there’s one thing to remember. Everyone’s dress, how they wear their dress, and style are unique. If trends aren’t sticking out to you or you don’t like how they look with your dress, don’t worry about following them. Trends are only suggestions and guides, you don't have to follow them.

Although, if you find a trend that is working for your style, go ahead and follow it! Trends can also be a great way to help keep everything in order. It helps layout the jewelry you want to wear and it can help you plan so it doesn’t feel as overwhelming.

Should Your Earrings Match Your Dress's Neckline?

Your wedding earrings should match your neckline.

For lower-cut necklines, drop earrings go well with the shape and you can highlight your face this way.

If you’re wearing an illusion neckline, drop earrings also work here. This out your neck and make it look longer, despite a higher neckline. They also take the place of a necklace, which you usually don't wear with this type of neckline.

An off-the-shoulder neckline highlights your face and neck. Very elegant drop earrings or simple studs are the perfect match. This doesn’t take away from the design of the neckline but allows you to wear earrings.

For a high neckline, studs are perfect. It doesn’t take away from where the neckline falls but still adds some sparkle. If you want to opt for something more, a nice pair of chain earrings will add to your look.

With a sweetheart or strapless neckline, you have a lot of creativity. There is so much space you can fill since the neckline is low. Here you can play around with different types of earrings - studs or drops - and work with whatever you like best.

Should Bridal Jewelry be Colorful?

Traditionally, bridal jewelry is not colorful. It is usually gold or silver, with the occasional pearls or gemstones. But, you can use colorful jewelry to incorporate “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue,” if you’d like. Our ivory and turquoise Deco Heart Signet Ring is a fun, yet elegant way to add some blue to your wedding look.

Wedding Jewelry FAQ

Which are better for weddings, huggie or stud earrings?

It all depends on your style! If you want something more simplistic and elegant, stud earrings are the way to go. If your neckline and dress allow for it, a huggie earring can add a little more attention to your face and neck.

Although you can make either color work, sometimes it depends on the color of your dress. If your dress is truly white, silver matches better. If your dress is more of a warmer off-white color, gold jewelry will be its match.

Should a bride wear a watch?

A watch can be an elegant touch, but sometimes it’s better to keep this out of your wedding look. It can be distracting in pictures, can make you too focused on time, and it may not match your style.

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