A collage of Chris and her husband, a fortune that reads Why I Wear

"Same Page. Side by Side. Same Goal. Same Fortune."

Why I Wear
A collage of Chris and her husband, a fortune that reads

When Chris and her husband Anthony found themselves with the same fortune at the same time, they took it as a sign from the universe….

“We've been married for almost 20 years and we still enjoy our date nights. We tried a new restaurant in town and at the end of the meal, we received our fortune cookies.


Chris and her husband received the same fortune from a fortune cookie after trying a new restaurant in town.

"I told my husband to go first. He read his fortune aloud: 'Opportunity is around the corner. Run to it.' I opened mine and, lo and behold, it was the same one!

"Little did I know our path would soon change. I'm a bench jeweler by day in a fine jewelry store locally here in town. Two weeks after seeing this fortune…we both made the decision to go full-time. I will now pour every single bit of me into Lake House Gems."

"I think the significance of my husband getting the same fortune as me is that it symbolizes his support. We together make this business run. That is the key to a 20-year marriage. Both on the same page.  Side by side. Same goal. Same fortune."


Chris feels that the significance of their double fortune is that they are "Both on the same page. Side by side. Same goal. Same fortune."

"I don’t find it to be an accident that I came across Fortune & Frame. This fortune is meant to be kept and cherished. Nothing is by chance. So I am so thankful to have a beautiful locket to hold this special moment close to my heart."

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