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There’s something so special about music. No matter who we are or what walk of life we come from, there is at least one song that speaks to us. It doesn’t matter if it’s a song about love or a song about enjoying life. All that matters is what the lyrics mean to you specifically. You can associate certain songs or lyrics with memories or time periods in your life. Whether these moments are happy or sad, music can be a way to celebrate or cope. There is so much that these words can symbolize.

If you’re anything like me, I always love to keep a song lyric on me. Sometimes this is in my phone's notes app or even a piece of paper tucked into my phone case. In fact, I even have a tattoo of song lyrics that were meaningful to me as I grew up. Keeping song lyrics with you can remind you of the words you live by. Or, they can represent the part of life that you’re currently going through. 

Our message-holding pieces are the perfect way to keep song lyrics close to you while showing them off. There are so many different wants to incorporate song lyrics into personalized jewelry. Here are some of my favorite song lyrics and different Fortune & Frame locket pieces that I think match them. 

“I've got time, I've got love. Got confidence you'll rise above.”

Hold My Girl by George Ezra is one of my favorite songs. It’s all about being in love and being a support system for the person that you love. With such romantic lyrics, this would make for the perfect gift for a significant other. There’s no better way than to offer up your time and love while telling them how sure of them you are. 

A lyric like this can be a symbol of strength and courage. It reinforces that you believe in your significant other. Even when they don't fully believe in themself. It’s sentimental and romantic - one of the best combinations.

This lyric makes for a perfect anniversary gift. Pair it with a Jeweled Heart Locket or Bracelet. Even when times are good, it is a reminder that you’re always something that they can fall back on. There’s nothing more meaningful than a heart-shaped locket containing significant lyrics.


A romantic song lyric in a locket is a great gift idea for an anniversary. Pictured Jeweled Heart Locket


“Reminds me that there's room to grow.”

Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me) by Train is a classic. Although this song is from 2001, it still makes its way to my Spotify Wrapped each year. Patrick Monahan, the lead singer of Train, wrote this song about his mother who he had lost from cancer. But since the lyrics are obscure, many have chosen to interpret this song in a way that makes the most sense to them. 

The specific line that I chose from the song is one that serves as a constant reminder. There is always room to grow. No matter what, we can always improve ourselves. We are ever-changing and learning, we are never stuck in one place. 

You can use these words as a perfect reminder for a friend or a loved one who had to learn a tough lesson. Learning a lesson the hard way is never easy, but it always allows us to grow. When inside a Flowered Vines Locket, this lyric symbolizes each experience as a chance to grow.


Every lesson that we learn in life allows us to see personal growth. Pictured Flowered Vines Fortune Locket (Gold)

“Go to the ends of the Earth for you. To make you feel my love.”

Originally written by Bob Dylan, this song has been covered many times. The most current and well-known version is by Adele. The song is an emotional and compelling piece. One beautiful thing about this song is it can relate to so many different types of relationships. 

The lyric mentioned above embodies a mother-daughter relationship. It's the perfect wording of how much a mother would do for their child. If asked, all a mother wants is for their child to feel loved and supported. Mothers would do anything to make sure that their child is happy.  But this can go both ways. Children will also do anything to make sure that their mother is loved and appreciated. 

One way to express your mother-daughter relationship is with matching jewelry and lyrics.  Our Matching Heart + Arrow Locket and Bracelet Gift Set is the perfect way to do so. You can get two different song lyrics or the same exact one. Whatever is most representative of your relationship is what works best.


The love a mother has for their child is unconditional. They would do anything for them. Pictured Heart + Arrow Bracelet (Silver)

“Long story short, I survived.”

You have survived all your hardest moments. Every time that you have fallen down, you’ve gotten back up. Long Story Short by Taylor Swift is a reminder that in the end, you’ve always survived. 

The beauty of this lyric is that it can apply to any of life's moments. Whether someone has gone through a breakup or a moment they thought would break them, this lyric will speak to them. It is such an important mantra when it comes to healing. It gives off reassurance, as it's a reminder that you’ve gotten through the worst. 

Giving this as a gift is such a thoughtful way to build the strength of someone important in your life. This quote pairs well with a Deco Fortune Locket. The wearer can show off lyrics while wearing it close to their heart. 


You have survived all of the moments that have broken you. Pictured Deco Fortune Locket (Pearl)

“You're the only friend I need.”

It’s always quality over quantity when it comes to friendships. As long as you have one good friend, you’re all set. Ribs by Lorde is a song filled with nostalgia about being young and the anxiety that growing up brings. This is one of my all-time favorite songs and it captures the human experience so well. 

We learn that we don’t need fifty fake friends as we grow up. Instead, we need one that we can trust and be ourselves with. Once you’ve found that friend, you don’t need anything else. You know that you have someone who will always have your back. 

Remind your best friend how much they mean to you with a song lyric that represents your friendship. Show then you are fortunate to have them by slipping the lyric in a Signature Fortune Cooke Locket


When it comes to friendships, it is quality over quantity. Pictured Signature Fortune Cookie Locket (Pink)


Song lyrics can tell many stories and relate to many everyone at some point in their life. Since some lyrics are even up for interpretation, they allow you to bring your own meaning to the words. Whether you want to appreciate your best friend or celebrate your own accomplishments, there is for sure to be a song for you. Wear your favorite lyrics any way you’d like with a personalized piece of jewelry. That way, you always have a reminder of the lyrics that mean the most to you.

Allie Berloco

Allie Berloco is a writer for Fortune & Frame. She graduated from Marist University with a double major in Media Studies, TV & Film Production and Communications, Journalism. She's sown here in her official Harry Styles fangirl outfit after seeing him perform live on the Today Show in NYC.