Two lockets placed on top of pride flags over a cream textured background Tips & Guides

The Perfect Accessory for Pride

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Two lockets placed on top of pride flags over a cream textured background

We are already in June which means Pride Month, and we’re halfway through. That means that the Pride Parade is right around the corner! It’s the celebration of LGBTQ+ equality and we’re located just a few blocks away in our NYC office. This Pride is even more important due to all of the laws being passed in various states. It’s a chance for all of us to come together as members or allies to show that the Pride community will not be silenced, but are stronger than ever. Love is love, no matter the gender or how you express it. Love wins in the end.

The Perfect Accessory

I know everyone either has their outfit ready for Pride or is currently out looking for their best fit to wear for the parade. And we have just the right accessory to add to bring your whole outfit together. Our Multi-Deco Fortune Locket is classy and vibrant enough to spice up your outfit. Add a quote of what Pride means to you or any message you need to hear and keep close to you. Whether you’re into gold or silver, we have both options to complete your look just in time! Not sure what metal to choose or which one will look better, read some tips and guides in What Color Jewelry Should I Wear?


Add one of our Multi-Deco Fortune Lockets to elevate your outfit before you hit the streets of Chelsea.

Get Glamorous in Gold

I happen to be more into gold jewelry, but sometimes I’ll switch it up depending on my outfit. If you’re wearing any gold detailings, add the Gold Multi-Color Deco Fortune Locket to give your outfit an extra pop. Plus the color enamel in this locket is sure to go with any outfit. Pair it with some hoop earrings, rings, bracelets, or even layer it with some shorter pendants for some extra glam. You can even switch it up and mix your metals for a bolder look. There are no rules for how little, how much, or what kinds of jewelry you can wear. No matter what direction you decide to take your outfit in, make it glamorous and make it you.


Make a statement with our Gold Multi-Color Deco Fortune Locket.

Slay in Silver

When it comes to silver, our Silver Multi-Color Deco Fortune Locket definitely shines in the sunlight. Attract everyone's eyes as you walk, dance, and celebrate in any way you want. Make sure to add a quote so that those who come to see your locket up close get inspired, motivated, or have a good laugh. If you’re wearing any neutrals, whites, blacks, or grays, this silver locket is the perfect addition- they’ll notice you coming from far away. Grab your essentials, take a selfie, and go celebrate love in all forms.


Shine bright with our Silver Multi-Color Deco Locket as you dance and celebrate under the sun.


As everyone comes together in June for pride, we have to remember to remain true to ourselves every day of the year. To work collectively for equality. Love who you love. Be who you want to be. Dress the way you want to dress. Don’t let anyone hold the pen, nobody gets to write your story but you. 

Be proud. Be fierce. 

Simply, Be You.  


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