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What Quotes to Put in Our Book Jewelry

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Magenta Secret Diary Book Locket, Blush Stardust Book Locket, Love Secret Scriptures Locket, Magenta Secret Diary Book Bracelet, and Seek Secret Scriptures Bracelet all in a circle.

When it comes to picking a quote for your book locket, you might not know what one to choose. You have the option to create your own fortune to go inside our Secret Diary Books and Stardust Books. As for our Secret Scriptures books, they come with an engraved scripture. but you can pick from a selection of 6 different scriptures. 

If you’re picking a piece that holds a customizable fortune, you may be unsure of what quote to even choose. With so many different genres and quotes to pick from, it may seem like an impossible choice. Need help narrowing down your options? Want to make sure that the quote aligns with your book jewelry? Well, you’re in the right place. 

Secret Diary Book Lockets and Bracelets 


Our Secret Diary Books are about holding on to the words that you cherish most. You can keep these words close to you while keeping them for your eyes only. Secrets, love letters, and romance book quotes are a few of the meaningful words that these pieces can hold. If you’re looking to follow a book theme, there are so many different romantic quotes you can pick. No matter if it’s from a young adult novel or a thriller that had a romance subplot. Whatever words have meaning to you are the ones that you should go with. 

As a hopeless romantic and a reader of romance novels, there are two quotes that come to mind for a Secret Diary Book piece. The first one is the quote “I’ve never met someone who is so perfectly my favorite person,” from Emily Henry’s novel Beach Read. If you’re looking for a quote to place in a locket or bracelet for a significant other, this one is sure to awe them. It’s filled with love and can stay with them at all times. It’s a constant reminder of how special they are to you and it’s a message for them and only them. 

The words that you wear don’t have to come from somebody else. With personalized necklaces, the words you chose can convey your feelings for someone else in your life. A quote like “My heart made its choice, and it chose you,” from Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover is a nod to the person your heart chose. This is the perfect quote for a locket since it sits right near your heart. Honor the choice your heart made. 

Stardust Book Lockets 


Tell the story of you. You're the main character. Pictured Stardust Book Locket (Blush)

Our Stardust Book Lockets are all about main character energy. You’re the star of your story and this locket helps you express that. The Stardust Book Locket is all about you and can hold manifestations, inspirations, and words that shape you. 

As the main character, you’re going to face many different choices and opportunities. Sometimes taking a leap at the chance seems daunting, even if it may seem like it could be a life-changing moment. That’s why my favorite quote to remind myself to seize every opportunity I have is “Be brave enough to go big,” from Better Than the Movies by Lynn Painter.  We only have one life and sometimes only one chance to get a hold of our aspirations. This is why, if an opportunity presents itself, we must go all out. And be brave enough to put our all into it. Keeping this quote in a locket is a reminder that you are brave enough and your next opportunity is around the corner. 

Part of being the main character in your life is accepting and owning who you are. Although that may be tested at some times, it’s important to never feel bad for being yourself. The quote “Don’t you ever apologize for being what you are,” from All In by Jennifer Lynn Barnes reminds me that it’s more important to stay true to myself than change myself to please others. You should never have to apologize for who you are and those who matter will love you for you. They would never ask you to change yourself. 

Secret Scriptures Locket and Bracelet


Use these scriptures to remind you to always have faith. Pictured Secret Scriptures Bracelets (Love and Seek)

Having faith in something at all times, no matter what it is, is important. That’s why our Secret Scriptures pieces come with engraved scriptures. The engraving makes sure that these words serve as a constant. Your story is always changing, but your faith should always remain with you. 

With six different scriptures to pick from, the words that you need most are sure to find you. With a Love scripture, you're reminded that love is always around you and is one of the greatest forces. As for a Seek scripture, it is a reinforcement that you must go looking for what you want, waiting around for something won’t work. 


No matter what words or scripture you chose for your book jewelry, it is important that you find meaning in it. Your story is most important to you, so you must convey it. Whether that be through a book quote, song lyrics, or an important letter - it’s all up to you. You are the creator of your own story.

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