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What to Put in a Locket

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Jeweled Heart Bracelet, Onyx Stardust Book Locket, Gold Fortune Frame, and Gold Fortune Cookie Locket laid out on Fortune & Frame gift wrap.

Lockets are timeless pieces of jewelry. They allow you to keep important mentos close to you at all times. you wear it around your neck, keeping whatever you want close to your heart. Most often, people refer to a locket as a place to keep a picture. You may be asking yourself what you can put in a locket besides a picture. The truth is, there is so much more that it can hold. In this post, I'll cover both photos and other meaningful items. 

If you're looking to add something special to your locket, here are some ideas...

A Picture of a Person or Furry Friend 

There’s nothing like a classic locket. Keeping a picture of your favorite person - or pet - inside is s great way to honor them. This can be a family member, friend, or significant other. 

You can keep a picture of the two of you together, or even of them alone. This is a meaningful way to show them how much you care about the person or pet who is inside your locket. It can also serve as a reminder that they are always there for you, even when you can't see them.


Keep your furry friend with you wherever you go! Pictured Stardust Book Locket

An Inspirational Quote

There are words we live by that inspire us daily. These quotes may be ones that we have a liking for or have a special meaning to us. Since lockets are customizable, there are endless quotes for you to add to yours. 

How you want to incorporate your inspirational quote is up to you. You can have it engraved, handwritten, or printed. Whichever way you choose is personal preference and up to you. We know how important words can be. We make our jewelry with that in mind, with many jewelry-holding options. You can put your favorite quote or saying in a locket that speaks to you. 

Wondering what you can engrave into a locket? Or maybe handwrite on a piece of paper? Here are some of my favorite quotes: 

  • "Embrace a new narrative." 
  • "Follow what calls you." 
  • Turn your life upside down. On purpose." 
  • "Make people see you."
  • "Love what you do so it will love you." 
  • "It's your duty to dream." 

For more inspirational quotes check out our fortune gallery! 

A Charm or a Birthstone

There’s nothing more special than a charm that has special meaning to you. There are certain lockets, floating charm lockets, that are clear so you can see through them. This is the perfect piece if you want to show off a charm that has meaning. To add more of a personal touch, you can include your birthstone in this type of locket. 

This is a great way to tell your story through small pieces of you. You can add a variety of charms to tell your story. This is a reminder of staying true to yourself and adding together everything that makes you, you. These necklaces are unique to the wearer and are a great conversation starter.

Or, you can find a piece that shows your birthstones on the outside. This way, you can honor your birth month, while still keeping any memento you want on the inside. 


If you want to add some decoration to your locket, try going for a stone that represents your birth month. Pictured Stardust Book Locket (Onyx)

Ashes of a Special Someone

A great way to honor someone who has passed away is to keep their ashes in a locket. This ensures that you always have a little piece of them with you, even if they are not there physically. Wearing them in a locket also guarantees that they stay safe, while you carry them with you. 

Our Capsule + Wand Locket allows you to store ashes and keep them safe.  You can keep your loved one with you at all times while wearing a delicate piece of jewelry.

Special Clothing 

Lockets are all about remembering special moments in our lives. What we wore during those moments can also hold significance. Your locket can hold whatever is meaningful to you. You can incorporate a piece of clothing from a special time or occasion into your locket.

You can pick clothing from any event, but a popular one is your wedding day. If you want to carry around everything that day meant to you, you can add s piece of lace from your wedding dress. All you need is a small section, so the dress can still stay intact! It’s full of love and great memories.

Your Child's Lock of Hair 

One of the original uses of lockets was to carry locks of hair. You can add the hair of a pet, child, or a loved one who passed. My favorite idea is to use the locket to memorialize your child’s first haircut. You can take the hair you save and safely keep it in your locket. 

Putting a lock of hair in a locket symbolizes your love for your loved one. No matter where you are, they’ll always be with you. It also freezes a moment in time that you want to remember.

Personalized Note from Someone Special 

Handwritten notes hold so much meaning. Maybe you got one from your child, your best friend, or your significant other. It could even be a letter that you wrote to yourself. It can be a silly little scrabble or a letter filled with significance. Whatever it is, you want to keep it on you at all times. A locket is a great way to make sure it doesn’t get lost.

Our Love Letter Envelope Lockets open to hold a significant message or short letter. Words matter, so make sure you keep the ones that mean the most to you nearby.

PhotoA locket keeps the most meaningful words close to your heart at all times. Pictured Love Letter Envelope Locket (Gold)

Flowers from a Memorable Day

I love to press and save flowers. Especially when they were a part of a special day for me. You can place the pressed flowers into a locket and preserve their memory. You can place the flowers in your lockets and always have a story with you. 

Keep with the theme and use our Flowered Vines Fortune Locket to show off your flowers. With a clear front, your flowers will make an appearance. This is a great conversation starter!

How to Put Something in a Locket?

Putting something in a locket doesn’t have to be difficult. There are so many different shapes and sizes of lockets, but you can make sure what you want to place in yours fits. Our post, What is a Locket: Guide to Locket Jewelry has step-by-step instructions.

When putting charms into a floating charm locket, all you have to do is open the front clasp. Some are even magnetic! It’s very easy to add, remove, and change charms.

Adding ashes may be a bit daunting. You don't want them to stay safe and not risk losing any. For ashes, all you have to do is make sure that the locket has enough space for the amount you would like to put in. Don’t overfill it and make sure that the clasp can close properly.


Looking to put something in your locket? We've got you covered. Pictured Love Letter Envelope (Silver)

What to Put in a Locket for Your Girlfriend? 

When it comes to putting something in a locket for your girlfriend, you want to make sure it is meaningful. If you’re going for a traditional locket, you can put in a picture of the two of you together, or even a picture of yourself. 

If you want to go with a quote, try and find one that relates to your relationship. It could be a lyric from a song you both like, a special text message, or even a famous saying. You can add anything here that is sentimental and expresses your feelings. 

Getting a floating charm locket is a great way to tell the story of your relationship. You can add in initial charms to represent the two of you. You can add a heart, a number to symbolize the years you’ve been together or any charm that completes the story of you two! 

Our Heart + Arrow Locket is the perfect way to express your love while adding in a meaningful fortune. The quote that you can place inside is customizable. This makes it a personalized gift.

What to Put in a Locket for Your Daughter? 

Getting your daughter a locket can be the gift that keeps on giving. This is your opportunity to start a family heirloom. You can pass this locker down from generation to generation. Try and pick something to put inside that focuses on a mother-daughter relationship. You can do something specific from your relationship with her or something general. This way if there are plans for it to get passed down, anyone can relate to it!

Although, adding in a picture is a great way to keep the memory alive. No matter who ends up receiving this locket, they can look back in time. This can be a picture of your family, the two of you, or even a meaningful place. Another idea is to place a short note in the locket, handwritten by you. 

Our Envelope Fortune Locket is the perfect piece for a handwritten letter. Your daughter can keep your handwriting and most meaningful note near at all times. This is also a thoughtful locket to pass down, as it will preserve the words and handwriting.

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