Necklace, bracelet, earrings and a ring curated for the Cancer zodiac sign over a white background. Tips & Guides

Zodiac Jewelry Essentials: The Cancer Collection

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Necklace, bracelet, earrings and a ring curated for the Cancer zodiac sign over a white background.

It’s finally here... June 21st marks the start of the sun entering the zodiac sign Cancer. This next month is all about you. Caring, intuitive, emotional, and nurturing; you are seen as the “Mother” of the zodiacs. You are used to providing and caring for others, but now it’s time to stop and it’s time to care for yourself. 

A Cancer zodiac jewelry kit is essential this season in order to help you connect with your sign and your style. Your sensitive and loving nature guarantees that you’ll always adore and want to wear our pieces that have been picked out JUST for you. 

We have selected four types of pieces; a necklace, bracelet, earrings, and a ring in order to complete your perfect look. Keep scrolling to see why every stylish Cancer needs our zodiac jewelry must-haves.

Because You’re Loving…

Cancers are extremely sentimental and kind. Being ruled by the moon; your emotions and heart are what drives your decisions and desires. Because of this, you Cancers are known for being a bit emotional (It’s a water sign thing). 

Cancers are known for wearing their hearts on their sleeves, and while you may not be able to do so literally, you can wear a heart around your neck with our Jeweled Heart Pendant!

Stay in tune with who you are, and represent your sign with this elegant yet simple piece. Our soft and loving pendant is perfect for this caring crab to channel all the love that exuberates from them. Just like you, this piece is feminine and dainty- truly representing exactly who the nurturing Cancer is. 


As one of the most loving signs, our Jeweled Heart Pendant describes Cancers to a T.

Pearls because You’re Patient

Being a water sign and represented by the crab, Cancers feel right at home when you get to immerse yourself in or around a body of water. One of the most beautiful things from the crabs’ home has been a staple in jewelry for years…pearls! 

Take a piece of the ocean with you wherever you go to feel like you are at home; after all, home is a Cancer’s favorite place.

With half the bracelet composed of gold chain and the other pearls, our Fortune Cookie Pearl Bracelet is a piece that will never go out of style. On top of loving the water and its surroundings, a Cancer's style is elegant, classy, yet comfortable. As well as being a neutral tone lover, Cancers would describe their style as timeless; which is exactly what pearls are. Not to mention, crabs hate leaving home! To make yourself as comfortable as can be, take some pearls along the way to remind yourself of your water roots.


Classic, timeless, and comfortable. A piece that can not only describe itself but the values of the Cancer sign is what makes this unique bracelet a must-have.

Unlock Your Imagination

Imaginative. Inuitive. Creative. Cancers are truly amazing and can do it all. Your mind never stops racing, whether it’s planning new creative ideas, or even just daydreaming for hours on end. With the sun entering your sign this month, expect your intuition and imagination to spark like crazy. Now is the time to bring these positive ideas you always dream about to life, and what better way to reflect this than in your style?

Unlock your mind and tune into your highest energy with our Mini Key of F huggies. These little gold studded earrings will help you fuel your imagination and creative processes. As one of the most intuitive signs, the little voice in the back of your mind always tends to be right (even if you don’t listen). Why hold back when this is YOUR month to unleash your power. 

Dainty and unique, our Mini Key of F huggies are paired with a little hint of dazzle. It’s simple yet glamorous; perfect for a Cancer's perfect night of a casual stay-in or to spark up any outfit for a romantic outing.


Small, unique yet simple, our Mini Key of F earrings are complete with little gems that is perfect to amp up your style.

Put a Ring On It

When you set your heart to it, you never want to let it go. When you want it, you get it. Cancers are hardworking and determined, and often complete their goals for a higher purpose or for their friends, family, and those they have deep connections with. It may not seem like it, but this water sign can be pretty tough. Being ruled by the moon and emotions; this is what fuels the drive in Cancers. You always complete your goals.

Now…. Just like you complete whatever you set your heart to, it’s time to complete your Cancer zodiac jewelry collection. The last essential is our Deco Heart Ring in ivory. Going along with light and neutral tones that bring out the femininity that Cancer is. Your simple yet fashionable taste is what makes this ring perfect to add for a small pop in your collection, hand picked just by us. 

Fall in love with unleashing your style just as much as you follow your heart and those you love.


An Ivory Deco Heart Ring to show others how big of a heart you have.


This curated zodiac jewelry collection was made just for you, to feel comfortable yet stylish. This season is the perfect time for all of you Cancers to let love, beauty, and all things good into your life; it’s your time to shine! From timeless pearls to gold pendants - you will feel amazing and able to capture who you truly are through a feminine and comforting sense of style.




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