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Dainty Jewelry

Our dainty jewelry pieces are equal parts subtle and aspirational. You can choose from minimal bar necklaces and bracelets adorned with our all-time most popular quotes or tiny jewelry pendants that are living proof that less is more.

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Minimalist Gold Jewelry

These minimal jewelry pieces are small and dainty but they won’t be overlooked. Every piece featured in this collection has a deeper meaning, and its symbolism only grows when the wearer assigns her own narrative to it. When it comes to jewelry that honors the world’s most ubiquitous and coveted emotion, love, our delicate gold heart necklace and matching enamel heart earrings are the perfect choice. This heart pendant on a delicate gold chain and matching heart earring set are adorned by Ruby and Crystal enamel detailing . Some of our other minimalist pendants include fortune cookies, wishbones, and keys. For those honoring all the heart phases at once, we’ve also got bandaids, mending hearts and a sacred heart, which represents the greatest love of all. If you love fortune cookies as much as we do, consider our super mini gold fortune cookie necklace, or our dainty gold fortune cookie bracelet, dangle fortune cookie earrings. We also have dainty stud earrings (our fortune cookie studs). We have an even larger assortment of fortune cookie pieces in our Fortune Cookie Jewelry collection.

Dainty Gold Earrings

If delicate gold earrings are your style, then you’ll find exactly what you’re after here, as well as other pieces to complement it. Our dainty earrings are some of our most meaningful pieces, each featuring a charm that dangles from the earring, moving through life as you do. And our stud earrings are all thoughtful alternatives to your traditional pearls or diamonds. True to our mission to design the most meaningful jewelry in the world, our small gold and silver jewelry are all infused with symbolism. Searching for cute dainty jewelry, dainty bracelets, small necklaces with meaning? You’ll be spoiled for choice with this carefully selected collection.