What Are Huggie Earrings and How to Wear Them Tips & Guides

What Are Huggie Earrings and How to Wear Them

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What Are Huggie Earrings and How to Wear Them

Earrings can easily add flair to any look. Since it’s an accessory that’s close to your face, it’s one of the first things people may notice about you, and can show a hint of your personality. In this post, we’re talking about all things huggie earrings which can subtly elevate your look.


These huggie earrings may be small, but they can bring a whole lot of luck.

First off…

What are Huggie Earrings? 

Simply put, huggie earrings are small hoops that literally ‘hug’ your ears. Typically, there’s a hinge within the huggie earrings to allow it to open and close without an earring back. Besides its cute name, there are plenty of benefits to wearing them: it can be dressed up or down, won’t get tangled up in your hair, and is lightweight (read: comfy to wear).



Did you know? Our Sacred Heart Earrings are symbolic of divine love and potential for goodness across humanity.

Types of Huggie Earrings

Designs range from classic small hoops to ones that have dangling charms like our Sacred Heart Earrings or Mini Fortune Cookie Huggie Earrings. They’re just enough to be seen and add a pop to your outfit, but they aren’t heavy or flashy. You can wear them as a set or just on one ear, or even go for mismatched pieces. Huggie earrings can also complement bolder pieces of jewelry and layered necklaces since its small size isn’t overpowering.


This pair is an ode to the healing phase of a broken heart.

Each earring set tells its own story and can be an ideal edition to your story. From plain 14k gold pieces to ones with a little bling in them, huggie earrings are overall dainty jewelry pieces that can be full of meaning.



Our mini Key of F huggie earrings are a dainty nod to letting go and walking through the doors that open once you do.

How to Style Huggie Earrings 

Huggie Earrings are totally up to you when it comes to how to wear them. After all, style should be unique. But if you’re looking for some fresh inspo, read on ideas on how to wear ‘em for every mood. 

To share a story: Are you ready to tell the world your story? Or maybe just a friend or a significant other? A great way to do so is with our Mini Key of F Earrings and Book Bracelet. This combo gets the message across that you’re ready to open up. Maybe you want to share your favorite memory ortell your whole life story. This can prompt the conversation and can give you the confidence to embrace who you are.


Look closely and you’ll find that these huggie earrings are adorned with crystal enamel gems created through a rare process called stone-in-place casting.

To bring luck: Maybe you’re on the way to a job interview or a first date. Jewelry can help give you a boost of motivation to make your best first impression. For special occasions or whenever you want to give yourself a pep talk without saying a word, slip on a pair of our Mismatched Wishbone earrings. This design is all about making your own luck, not just wishing for it. If you have double piercings, you can wear the small wishbone in the second hole and the big wishbone in the first hole, along with the signature Fortune Cookie Locket. Perhaps this will bring even more luck your way!

To spread love: Are you one to wear your heart out on your sleeve? Then our Mismatched Heart + Arrow Earrings and  Heart Charm Locket Necklace may just be for you. This sends the message that you have a heart full of gold, but you aren’t afraid to show and say how you feel. With the gemstone details and the special message you can keep inside of the locket, you are destined to be open with how you feel, while not even having to say a word. 


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