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Inspirational, engraved jewelry that keeps you grounded.

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Engraved Jewelry for Her

Our engraved jewelry pieces are conversation starters that transcend nameplates, zodiac signs or birthstones to unearth your deeper personal narrative.

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Each gold and silver bar pendant is engraved with a quote and. Only the most special quotes make it into our engraved jewelry collection. This assortment of engraved bar bracelets and necklaces is here to inspire. Each necklace or bracelet is engraved with a short inspiring quote that’s been selected from the most popular of all 700 quotes and messages that you can find in our fortune library. These engraved jewelry pieces are perfect for when you can’t find the right words to honor your story - or to gift to someone special. These necklaces with quotes will remind the wearer of the inspiring message they need the most.

How to Style the Engraved Necklace?

Each engraved jewelry piece has a matching gold or silver pendant bracelet or necklace. You can wear your favorite quotes twice, stack necklaces or wear complementary quotes for the ultimate reminder of your powers within. Necklaces that we love to stack: silver ‘worth the chasos’,gold ‘manifest good’ necklace pendant - and for a three-stack necklace - ’trust yourself’ bar pendant’ in silver or gold for a cool multi-metal layered necklace look.

How to Wear an Engraved Jewelry Bracelet?

Just like the engraved necklaces, engraved bar bracelets are suitable for stacking. Bracelets can be paired with the necklace counterparts, owning the same message or with messages that complement each other. The quotes engraved on bar pendants lend themselves beautifully to a pairing from the fortune cookie jewelrycollection. Dainty fortune cookie pieces like the fortune cookie string bracelet or mini fortune cookie necklace.

Engraved Jewelry Meaning

Quotes engraved on jewelry are there to stay. The engravement can be a sign of its permanence and importance in life. Or, the engraved necklace or bracelet can act as a reminder to work toward the things we want to achieve. See: let go and let the universe do its thing’, ’dare big, fear small’ and ’trust yourself’

What are good engraving quotes?

Engraving quotes are permanent so it’s important that they’re meaningful to the wearer. The best quotes for engraving onto jewelry are short and inspiring messages that can be easily transferred into any of life’s moments.