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Personalized Lockets

These lockets recognize that the words that inspire you change just as often as you do.

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Personalized Locket Jewelry

Each personalized locket necklace or bracelet comes with a custom message that you can write yourself or select from our gallery of hundreds of famous quotes, inspiring sayings and personal affirmations. Instead of keeping you stuck in a single moment, our custom lockets let you change your messages with each new moment or mood.

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Our engraved locket designs contain an intricate Chinese wave design on the inside and the words YOUR FORTUNE IS WITHIN etched delicately into the side, reminding you of what we’ve suspected all along: you have everything you need to design and live the life you want.

Quotes and Messages to Put in Lockets

Custom locket necklaces and bracelets are some of the most meaningful jewelry pieces in the world. The custom note held in the locket makes them ultimately personal lockets.

Message lockets can hold any note or message that means something to the wearer. The custom lockets are often bought as a gift from one person to another, but they also make the ultimate form of self-expression.

The message or quote that our customers hold in our message holding lockets depends on the occasion they mark, whether the lockets are bought as a gift or for self. Gifts for sisters might include a happy birthday sister note. Anniversary gifts for her might include a short love note. Notes to self might include Gratitude Quotes or famous literary quotes.

Types of Lockets

There are many types of lockets suitable for different styles and preferences. Lockets can be used to carry some of our most precious keepsakes and words close - from short inspiring quotes to ashes, locks of hair, photographs and so much more.

Gold Locket Necklaces

Our range of personalized gold lockets include the Classic Locket Necklace, a flowered locket - commonly bought to replace traditional bouquets - the Cascading Circles locket and more. Our custom gold lockets are part of our signature collection and some of the first pieces we ever designed. Although our gold locket jewelry was designed to hold a secret message many of our customers have inspired us by placing other special keepsakes within the locket.

Silver Locket Jewelry

Many of our lockets come in both gold and silver. Some of our most popular locket pendants are the personalized silver fortune cookies. The fortune cookie jewelry is part of our signature collection. Personalizable fortune cookie necklaces come in silver and gold - and in two different sizes: a medium fortune cookie pendant 19mm x 19mm and a larger fortune cookie pendant 25mm x 25mm; both hold a message of your choice.

Book Locket with a Quote

Our Book Lockets were designed to symbolize your personal story and the narrative that changes as you grow. Each book opens up to reveal a secret message that can be personalized and changed as your personal story unfolds.

Our book necklaces and bracelets have become popular gifts for those who love to write and read. Lockets can be personalized with inspiring book lover quotes.

Envelope Locket Necklace

The envelope necklace is the perfect locket if you want the option to keep your locket a secret, or on show to share with the rest of the world. On one side the locket has envelope detailing and on the other a panel to reveal your secret message.

The envelope locket complements jewelry in the words and letters collection and can be styled with any letter necklace.

Gold Heart Locket Necklace

Heart necklaces and bracelets that hold a message or keepsake include the colorful Deco Heart Locket, jeweled heart necklace and our classic heart + arrow locket necklace.

Cute Lockets For Her

Lockets come in all sizes. For a small, cute locket for her, take a look at the dainty polygon necklace, mini love letter necklace or the colorful fortune cookie locket necklace. The Fortune Cookie lockets are the ultimate cute locket necklace when paired with other complementary fortune cookie pieces such as the dainty jewelry pieces such as the Fortune Cookie String bracelets.

What can I put in my locket?

The most special thing about lockets is that they can hold any message or keepsake that you, the wearer, wants to keep close. Our lockets were traditionally designed to hold inspiring messages to self, fortune cookie fortunes or love notes when bought for someone special as a gift.

Although designed to hold lockets, our lockets are worn by women around the world and hold a range of wonderful mementos such photos, hair or ashes. What makes lockets so special is that the wearer can personalize them with the keepsakes or words that truly mean something to them.

What does a Locket Symbolize?

Personalized locket necklaces can symbolize a range of different things. Lockets that hold a photo tend to be symbolic of a moment, captured in a photo - or a person who the wearer wants to remember or keep close.

Message holding jewelry allows the lockets symbolism to reach a new level of personalization and meaning since you can add any note you like. People often buy our heart jewelry as a symbol of love. Or, sometimes, friends purchase our locket jewelry as a way to symbolize their friendship and bond, together.

Finally, lockets are often purchased as a way to commemorate a moment or mood. Our lockets make wonderful Anniversary gifts or graduation gifts for her . Whatever the occasion, message holding jewelry can certainly make it most special.

Best Chain for a Locket

Different lockets have different chain styles. The locket chain can be just as impactful as the locket itself when it comes to choosing the right locket for you.

Our lockets come with two types of chain: the paper clip locket chain as seen on our book necklaces and a dainty locket chain as seen on the Envelope Locket