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We curated a collection of jewelry gifts with daughters in mind.

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Daughter Jewelry

We’ve made it easy for you to give your daughter the words she needs to hear the most with our message holding jewelry. Our meaningful jewelry for daughters are as beautiful as they are sentimental and are the perfect way to express your love and appreciation for her. Choose the piece that she’ll love the most and personalize it with a custom message from you to her.

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This collection is designed to hold sentimental jewelry for daughters. Whether you have one daughter, two, or even ten, we’re here to make sure you can find the perfect piece of sentimental jewelry for her. Every piece holds a sentimental message, but some can be customized by you.

Personalized Jewelry for Daughters

The messages we share with our children have the power to impact their entire life and as children grow up the messages they need change. This is why our personalized jewelry within this collection holds a message that can be changed just as much as your children do. Whether you choose a personalized ring, bracelet or necklace for your daughter, you will be able alter the message inside so your words are exactly what she needs to hear at exactly the right time.

Rings for Daughters

Every ring in this collection holds a sentimental message, perfect for daughters. There’s a ring to celebrate life’s most prominent life milestones or if you want a ring that’s truly customizable you can choose the Sphere Secret Ring ; our only personalized ring that holds a secret message from you to her. This ring looks like a sophisticated cocktail ring, but secretly, it's holding your sentimental message and your daughter can open it up anytime she needs to hear your words. Looking for a more traditional gift for your daughter? Our Key of F Charm Ring, Wishbone Ring, dainty Fortune Cookie Ring and Mending Heart Ring are for the daughter who needs a reminder of how far her personal growth has come. Each piece has its own sentimental story, waiting to meet your daughter exactly where she is now and inspire her future growth. Oh, and each inspirational ring has a matching meaningful necklace, or bracelet, too.