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Sacred Heart Meaning in Jewelry

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Fortune & Frame Sacred Heart Pendant on a pink background.

You might have seen a Sacred Heart design at some point or another. 

The bold red heart—often accompanied by thorns, flames, and crosses—is all over the world on murals, sculptures, and jewelry. 

But what does the Sacred Heart symbolize, exactly? One commonality that many sources share is that it represents Jesus Christ’s actual heart and is a symbol of his divine love for humanity. 

Some versions of the Sacred Heart include thorns (which are said to represent sins), flames (synonymous with burning love), and crosses (as a reminder of God’s sacrifice). 


The moment the Sacred Heart entered our design consciousness. Snapshot of F&F founder and designer Gretel Going at the Etnia Boho Market in Tulum.

Our Design Inspiration and the Sacred Heart Meaning

Growing up in San Diego, near Mexico, Fortune & Frame founder and designer, Gretel Going, often saw Sacred Heart designs around her neighborhood. “They were always scary to me,” she notes, recalling the versions that included thorns and bleeding hearts. “But over time, they became more appealing. I’ve realized that my eyes adjusted to really liking the heart,” she says. 


Fun fact: the back of these Sacred Heart Earrings is engraved with our signature wave pattern. Along with the majestic crown, it looks like a pineapple!  It also comes in a mini version.

As our new collection is in large part dedicated to love, she created her own version of the Sacred Heart. It doesn’t have thorns or crosses, but it does have a majestic crown with fire coming out of it and rays of light. 

The Sacred Heart meaning: “​​It’s our take on a deeply spiritual symbol that represents divine love in its purest form,” says Gretel. Also, it’s a nod of respect for one another and the potential for goodness across humanity. 

Originally, the heart was intended to be blue but ended up being classic red to represent love. The color is made with ruby enamel that’s finished with a slight curve so it doesn’t lay flat. 


This Sacred Heart necklace meaning from our Heart Phases collection: it tells a story of the different chapters of love, heartbreak, and healing.

Our Sacred Heart Styles

Love, or an intense feeling of deep affection, is the main inspiration behind our heart jewelry collection. 

And our Sacred Heart design is featured in several styles...







Wear our Sacred Heart Charm ring along or stack it with other styles for a bolder effect.

Sacred Heart Design Evolution

Similar to poison jewelry, which is rich in history and is the center of many stories, Sacred Heart designs have evolved through the years. In today’s mainstream culture, these hearts range in styles, colors, and sizes. We like to think that the Sacred Heart definition can mean something different for everyone. 

Kind of like how some Sacred Hearts are “scary”, love is something that usually involves risk and reward. 

The idea, we think, is to find inner bravery to experience love—and something seemingly small (like a piece of jewelry) can serve as a great reminder to do so.

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