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Jewelry with Meaning

Each piece of jewelry we design gives people around the world a chance to wear and honor the meaningful milestones and moments in their lives.

Because jewelry is one of the most visible and personal forms of self-expression, we’ve made it our mission to unite fashion jewelry with meaningful messages that you can change as frequently as your story changes.

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Jewelry with Meaning

Our jewelry with meaning is known for jewelry that holds inspiring, grounding and personalized messages that you can write yourself or choose from our gallery of more than 500 sayings. Jewelry with meaning can make the perfect gift for her. You can choose from symbolic pieces or create the ultimate form of sentimental jewelry by choosing pieces that hold a message. Some of our most popular messaging holding jewelry pieces include the heart locket as a symbol of love , book necklaces for those who love to read or write and any of our classic lockets that hold a personalised note.

What does jewelry symbolize?

Jewelry with meaning is a form of self-expression and symbolizes many of life’s milestone moments or moods. Jewelry often holds a sentimental message for the wearer. Some jewely pieces, such as the Evil Eye Necklace, a symbolism of protection, carry their meanings from ancient tradition, others are world-renowned symbols for love, protection or hope. Ultimately, jewelry will symbolizes the messages and meanings the wearer needs the most. For more meaningful jewelry, shop meaningful bracelets, meaningful necklaces, meaningful earrings and meaningful rings