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Meaningful Necklaces

This collection features all Fortune & Frame lockets, pendants and lariat necklaces, all in one place.

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Necklaces with Meaningful Messages

Our meaningful necklaces are the ultimate form of self-expression. These sentimental pieces are often bought as a gift to self to honor milestone moments or a reminder of love, healing and hope.

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Necklaces with meaningful messages also make perfect jewelry gifts for her. You can add a touch of personalisation with a message holding lockets that opens to reveal a message that you can write. If you can’t quite find the right words, you can choose from our library of fortunes - or opt for a surprise message and we'll send one complimentary.

What are Meaningful Necklaces?

Necklaces with meaning are sentimental jewelry pieces and the ultimate form of self-expression.

Meaningful Necklace Pendants

Meaningful pendant necklaces are just as sentimental as message holding jewelry. Each piece carries iconic symbols of love, healing and hope.

The wishbone necklace pendant reminds the wearer of the importance of making a wish then working to make it come true. The Key Necklace is here to remind us to let go and the doors that open once we do.

For marking life’s milestone moments meaningful pendants like our heart charm necklace provide a gentle reminder of the upswings of a breakup; that the heartbreak won’t last forever. The bandaid reminds us that healing and self-learning is just around the corner. And for those who love fortune cookies as much as we do we have Fortune Cookie Necklaces that acknowledge the importance of getting the right message at the right time.

For a touch inspiration throughout the day, take a look at engraved pendants with a meaningful quote. We engraved short but inspiring messages on silver and gold bar pendants. Messages include: 'Trust Yourself', ‘Worth the Chaos’ and Embrace the Future.

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cute necklaces with meaning

Meaningful jewelrycan be dainty, but powerful. Some of our most dainty jewelry pieces carry the most meaningful messages. For a super small meaningful necklace shop the Super Mini Fortune Cookie Necklace that reminds us to wait for the messages that life will come when the time is right. For a simple meaningful necklace stack to remind the wearer of healing and hope after heartbreak there’s the Bandaid Pendant and Mending Heart.

Meaningful Symbol Necklaces

Meaningful symbol necklaces for her include pendants that are recognised worldwide. Each necklace carries a deep meaning stemming from ancient years. The Evil Eye Necklace brings protection against harm and bad spirits. The heart is the symbol for the world’s most important emotion, love. Heart jewelry can symbolize love for the wearer when gifted or a powerful self-love statement.

What do necklaces symbolize?

Meaningful necklaces can symbolize different sentiments for different women depending on what the wearer wants or needs in the moment. Although some necklace pendants have their own stories and history, their meaning and impact on one life depends on personal experiences, some of life’s most special moments and the moods the wearer wants to remember, forever.

What is the most popular necklace?

Our most popular necklaces are the Pearl Book Necklace, the Turning Corners Locket Necklace and the Flowered Locket, a firm favorite to replace flowers as a meaningful gift for her.

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